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Ontario Government Fuels Electric Vehicle Revolution with $4 Million Investment in Mining Exploration

In a significant move to bolster the critical minerals supply chain and support the burgeoning electric vehicle (EV) revolution, the Ontario government has announced a substantial investment of over $4 million. The funding, allocated through the Ontario Junior Exploration Program (OJEP), aims to aid junior mining companies in their quest to uncover mines crucial for powering the transition to electric transportation.

“I am thrilled to be in Thunder Bay at the Ontario Prospectors Exploration Showcase to announce the successful OJEP recipients because it means the drills are turning and we are searching for new mines,” said George Pirie, Minister of Mines. “Our government recognizes that Thunder Bay is quickly becoming a hub for lithium, which is essential for the growing supply chain for electric vehicles in Ontario. The projects we are celebrating today are creating jobs in the region and in other mining towns across the north.”

The projects selected to receive OJEP funding cover a diverse range of critical minerals, including gold, nickel, copper, platinum-group elements, zinc, and lithium. Among the recipients are New Break Resources Ltd., Tyko Resources Inc., Copper Lake Resources Ltd., Fladgate Exploration Consulting Corp., and Solstice Gold Corp., each tasked with conducting surveys and drilling to uncover these vital resources.

The funding injection comes as Ontario solidifies its position as a leader in mineral exploration investment, attracting $952 million in 2023 alone, marking the second consecutive year the province has topped the charts in this regard. The OJEP, launched in 2021, has been instrumental in encouraging private sector investment, with its fourth intake committing $4.4 million to fund 35 projects, 24 of which are focused on critical minerals exploration.

“I’m pleased to see this investment of $479,601 in three projects through the Ontario Junior Exploration Program (OJEP) to uncover critical and precious resources in the Thunder Bay region. Northern Ontario boasts a wealth of critical resources, and by investing in the OJEP, we can strengthen the mining sector, creating more jobs in the north and driving economic advancement.” said Kevin Holland, MPP for Thunder Bay-Atikokan

Garry Clark, Executive Director of the Ontario Prospectors Association, echoed similar sentiments, highlighting the importance of government support in facilitating exploration projects and job creation in communities across the north.

Several company executives also shared their gratitude for the support provided by the Ontario government through OJEP funding. Michael Farrant, President & CEO of New Break Resources Ltd., emphasized how the funding enabled their continued advancement in the Moray Project, while Terry MacDonald, CEO of Copper Lake Resources Ltd., underscored the importance of government support in raising awareness about critical mineral exploration projects.

The investment in these projects is expected to have a ripple effect, stimulating economic growth, job creation, and technological innovation in Ontario’s mining sector and related industries.


The Ontario government’s substantial investment in mining exploration, particularly in the context of critical minerals essential for electric vehicle production, is a commendable step towards fostering sustainable economic growth and technological advancement in the province. By supporting junior mining companies through initiatives like the OJEP, the government not only encourages innovation and job creation but also strengthens Ontario’s position as a key player in the global transition towards cleaner transportation technologies.

Furthermore, the focus on regions like Thunder Bay highlights the government’s commitment to fostering economic development in northern communities, ensuring that the benefits of resource exploration extend beyond urban centers. As Ontario continues to lead the way in mineral exploration investment, it is crucial for policymakers to maintain this momentum by providing continued support for initiatives that drive innovation, create employment opportunities, and position the province as a leader in the green economy.

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