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Ontario Government Announces New Medical School at York University Focused on Primary Care Doctors

TORONTO – In a significant move aimed at bolstering primary healthcare access across the province, the Ontario government has unveiled plans to establish a groundbreaking medical school at York University, focused exclusively on training primary care doctors. Premier Doug Ford announced an initial investment of $9 million through the 2024 budget, signaling a proactive step towards fulfilling Ontario’s commitment to providing accessible primary care for all residents.

The new medical school at York University, situated in Vaughan, is poised to become the first of its kind in Canada, dedicated to addressing the pressing need for primary care physicians. With an emphasis on connecting more families to convenient care, Premier Ford emphasized the profound impact this initiative will have on communities in York Region and beyond.

Scheduled to commence operations in September 2028, the medical school will initially offer up to 80 undergraduate seats and up to 102 postgraduate seats, with plans to expand to up to 240 undergraduate and 293 postgraduate seats annually at full capacity. Notably, approximately 70% of the postgraduate training seats will be allocated to primary care, underlining the institution’s commitment to training family doctors.

This development comes as part of the Ontario government’s ambitious agenda to expand medical education across the province, including existing medical schools and a new facility at Toronto Metropolitan University slated to open in 2025. The initiative aims to address the growing demand for healthcare professionals, particularly in underserved communities.

In addition to supporting students through programs like the Ontario Learn and Stay Grant, which offers full funding for tuition, books, and other educational expenses in exchange for post-graduation service in the region, the establishment of the medical school in Vaughan holds promise for improving healthcare access for residents. Situated alongside the state-of-the-art Cortellucci Vaughan hospital and a forthcoming long-term care home, the new facility is set to elevate the quality of care for families and seniors in the region.

York University’s President and Vice-Chancellor, Rhonda Lenton, expressed gratitude for the government’s investment, highlighting the institution’s commitment to addressing the healthcare needs of Ontarians. Similarly, MPP Stephen Lecce of King-Vaughan underscored the significance of the medical school for local communities, emphasizing its potential to shape the future of healthcare delivery for generations to come.

As Ontario continues to prioritize the enhancement of its healthcare system, the establishment of the new medical school at York University marks a pivotal moment in the province’s journey towards ensuring equitable access to primary care for all residents. With construction and planning set to commence, the vision of a healthier, more resilient Ontario edges closer to realization.

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