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Ontario Doubles Production of Life-Saving Medical Isotopes at Bruce Power

TORONTO – In a significant advancement for both the healthcare and energy sectors, the Ontario Government has endorsed the installation of a second isotope production line at Bruce Power. This new facility will double the plant’s production capacity for the medical isotope lutetium-177, a critical component in the treatment of cancers such as prostate cancer and neuroendocrine tumours.

Premier Doug Ford lauded the development, emphasizing its dual benefits of enhancing cancer treatment and bolstering the province’s energy infrastructure. “Today’s announcement highlights the many benefits of nuclear power, including the expanded production of life-saving medical isotopes,” Ford stated. “Our government is proud to support the expansion of nuclear power as part of our plan to bring safe, reliable, and affordable energy, along with cutting-edge cancer treatments, to families across Ontario.”

Bruce Power’s collaborative effort with the Saugeen Ojibway Nation, Isogen, and ITM is on track to complete the new isotope production system by the end of 2024. This follows the successful installation of the first production system in 2022, which made Bruce Power the world’s first commercial power reactor to produce lutetium-177.

“Ontario’s nuclear reactors are not only providing more than 50% of the province’s electricity but also producing life-saving medical isotopes,” said Todd Smith, Minister of Energy. “Investing in nuclear energy is transforming healthcare through innovative partnerships like this.”

Bruce Power President and CEO Mike Rencheck underscored the company’s commitment to supporting global cancer treatment efforts. “We are proud of our long legacy as a key producer of medical isotopes. Together with our partners, we are expanding our capabilities to supply the isotopes needed to meet demand and advance research in cancer treatments.”

The Saugeen Ojibway Nation, which jointly markets the isotopes produced at Bruce Power, celebrated the announcement. The Gamzook’aamin aakoziwin partnership aims to support the global fight against cancer while creating meaningful economic opportunities within SON territory.

As part of Ontario’s strategic energy plan, the government is making substantial investments in nuclear energy, supporting 65,000 jobs in the sector. Key initiatives include pre-development work at Bruce Power for the first large-scale nuclear build in over three decades, planning for four small modular reactors at Darlington New Nuclear Project, and supporting Ontario Power Generation’s refurbishment of the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station.

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