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Ontario Celebrates Nurses During National Nursing Week

Toronto – In honor of National Nursing Week, running from May 6th to May 12th, 2024, Sylvia Jones, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health, has extended heartfelt appreciation to the province’s dedicated nursing professionals.

“Ontario is proud to recognize the incredible contributions of registered nurses, registered practical nurses, and nurse practitioners this Nursing Week,” said Jones, emphasizing their pivotal role in delivering high-quality and compassionate care to families across the province.

The Ministry of Health highlighted significant strides in bolstering Ontario’s healthcare workforce. Over the past year, more than 17,000 new nurses have joined various healthcare settings, including hospitals, primary care offices, and long-term care homes. Additionally, with approximately 30,000 nursing students currently enrolled in Ontario colleges and universities, the province is fostering a robust pipeline of nursing talent for the future.

Under the leadership of Premier Ford, Ontario continues to implement innovative initiatives to enhance the nursing workforce. These efforts include expanding enrollment capacities at educational institutions, facilitating skills advancement for existing nurses, and providing comprehensive training and mentorship opportunities within hospitals.

Moreover, Ontario is streamlining the accreditation process for internationally educated nurses and empowering local nurses with increased prescribing and medication administration capabilities, ensuring prompt access to essential care services.

Jones reaffirmed the government’s commitment to collaborating with nursing partners across the healthcare sector to further cultivate and sustain a proficient nursing workforce.

In closing, Jones expressed gratitude to Ontario’s nurses for their unwavering dedication and exceptional care provision, extending warm wishes for a Happy Nursing Week.


The statement from Sylvia Jones highlights the invaluable contributions of nurses in Ontario, particularly amidst the ongoing challenges within the healthcare landscape. With the province’s concerted efforts to bolster the nursing workforce and enhance their capabilities, there’s a palpable commitment to ensuring accessible and quality care for Ontarians. As we celebrate National Nursing Week, it’s crucial to not only recognize the dedication of nurses but also continue supporting initiatives that foster their professional growth and well-being.

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