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Ontario Celebrates Canada Day with Free Fishing Week

TORONTO – In celebration of Canada Day, the Ontario government is offering residents and visitors an opportunity to enjoy free fishing across the province from June 29 to July 7. This initiative aims to highlight Ontario’s rich angling traditions and encourage people to explore the great outdoors.

Graydon Smith, Ontario’s Minister of Natural Resources, is inviting everyone, from seasoned anglers to first-time fishers, to take part in this event. “I welcome anyone curious about fishing to experience the excitement and satisfaction of this great sport firsthand,” Smith said. “Whether you are in an urban center or a rural area, there are ample opportunities to enjoy free fishing as we celebrate Canada Day.”

Families looking to participate can find local events and more information at Ontario Family Fishing Events.

Participants are reminded that while fishing is free during this period, conservation licence catch limits still apply. Additionally, fishers must carry identification issued by the provincial or federal government that includes their name and date of birth.

This Canada Day, take advantage of the province’s lakes, rivers, and streams to enjoy a quintessentially Canadian pastime – and make some great memories in the process.

Samantha Deschamps

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