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Ontario Boosts Jail Capacity with New Beds and Staff Additions

LONDON, ON — In a significant move to enhance the province’s correctional infrastructure, the Ontario government has announced the addition of more beds across several adult correctional facilities. This initiative marks a crucial step in the province’s long-term plan to ensure safety and adequate capacity within the correctional system.

Under the leadership of Premier Doug Ford, the government is repurposing and re-opening the Regional Intermittent Centre at Elgin-Middlesex Detention Centre in London and the Toronto Intermittent Centre at the Toronto South Detention Centre. These measures are expected to add up to 430 new beds by 2026, specifically catering to minimum- and medium-risk inmates.

Solicitor General Michael Kerzner emphasized the importance of these developments for the safety and efficiency of the correctional system. “We’re expanding and building facilities that will help frontline staff to do their jobs safely and effectively while increasing capacity to keep violent and repeat offenders off our streets,” Kerzner said.

In addition to the short-term measures, the province is set to expand capacity over the long term at several facilities. The Quinte Detention Centre will receive 18 new beds, raising its capacity to over 300 beds. More notably, the Brockville Correctional Complex will more than double its current capacity with an addition of 184 new beds.

To support the increased capacity, Ontario plans to hire up to 200 additional correctional staff, including nurses, correctional officers, and support personnel. This workforce expansion is aimed at ensuring the effective operation of the newly expanded facilities and maintaining high safety standards.

The announcement highlights the provincial government’s commitment to sustainable management of the correctional system, aiming to keep violent and repeat offenders behind bars while enabling frontline staff to operate in a safe and secure environment.

As the government moves forward with these expansions, communities across Ontario can expect a strengthened correctional system equipped to handle current and future demands. The initiative not only addresses immediate needs but also lays the groundwork for a more robust and secure correctional infrastructure in the years to come.

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