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Ontario Announces Significant Investment in Supportive Housing Units in Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay, ON — The Ontario government has unveiled a substantial investment aimed at tackling homelessness and supporting vulnerable individuals in Thunder Bay. With a total funding of $9,238,000 under the Homelessness Prevention Program (HPP), this initiative will facilitate the creation of 52 supportive housing units across the region.

Paul Calandra, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, emphasized the significance of these investments, stating, “Our government is making it easier for our partners to build homes of all types. Increasing community, affordable, and supportive housing is a critical component of our goal to get at least 1.5 million new homes built by 2031.”

The funding, announced at the 401 Donald Street East location, will support four key projects:

  1. Shelter House/NorWest Community Health Centres: A $4,179,000 investment will aid in the creation of 17 units targeting individuals experiencing or at risk of homelessness. Renovations to the building will enhance energy efficiency and accessibility.
  2. Elizabeth Fry Society of Northwestern Ontario: With $714,000 allocated, this project will provide 9 units for marginalized groups, including Indigenous women and 2SLGBTQI+ individuals.
  3. St. Joseph’s Care Group/Northern Linkage: A total of $3,045,000 will support the establishment of 22 long-term supportive housing units for individuals with mental health issues.
  4. Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services: This initiative, backed by a $1,300,000 investment, aims to create 4 units specifically for Indigenous individuals dealing with mental health and addiction issues, with plans for further expansion.

The government’s commitment to addressing homelessness is further evidenced by the historic increase in funding for homelessness prevention programs. This includes a $202 million boost in annual funding to the Homelessness Prevention Program and the Indigenous Housing Support Program, totaling close to $700 million.

Local officials and community leaders have expressed gratitude for the investment, acknowledging its potential to make a significant impact in Thunder Bay. Kevin Holland, Member of Provincial Parliament for Thunder Bay-Atikokan, emphasized the importance of these housing developments in fostering stability and resilience within the community.

Mayor Ken Boshcoff echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the broader societal benefits of preventing homelessness and ensuring everyone has access to safe and secure housing.


This significant investment in supportive housing units in Thunder Bay marks a crucial step forward in addressing homelessness and supporting vulnerable populations. It reflects the government’s commitment to creating inclusive communities and providing essential resources for those in need. The collaborative efforts of government agencies, local organizations, and community leaders are essential in tackling complex social issues such as homelessness. This investment not only provides immediate relief but also lays the groundwork for long-term solutions to ensure a brighter future for all residents of Thunder Bay.

Samantha Deschamps

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