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Alcohol Sales in Convenience Stores to Start this Summer

Toronto – In a move aimed at enhancing consumer choice and convenience, the Ontario government has unveiled plans to expedite the expansion of alcohol sales in retail outlets across the province. Premier Doug Ford announced today that starting this summer, Ontario residents will have increased access to a wider selection of alcoholic beverages, including beer, cider, wine, and ready-to-drink options, at grocery, convenience, and big-box stores.

The accelerated rollout, scheduled to commence in August, will allow up to 450 grocery stores already licensed to sell beer, cider, or wine to expand their offerings to include ready-to-drink beverages and larger pack sizes. This means consumers will have the opportunity to purchase their favorite alcoholic beverages alongside their groceries, providing added convenience for busy shoppers.

Following this initial phase, all eligible convenience stores will be permitted to sell alcoholic beverages after September 5, 2024. By the end of October 2024, every eligible grocery and big-box store in Ontario will have the option to stock a variety of alcoholic beverages, including larger pack sizes, catering to the diverse preferences of consumers across the province.

Premier Ford emphasized that the government’s decision reflects its commitment to meeting the needs and desires of Ontario residents, while also supporting local breweries, wineries, and cider producers. The move is expected to inject new life into the province’s alcohol beverage marketplace, fostering economic growth and job creation within the industry.

To facilitate this transition, the government has allocated funding to support The Beer Store in making necessary investments over the next 19 months. Additionally, measures will be implemented to ensure responsible consumption, with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) overseeing enforcement of social responsibility standards.

Stakeholders from various sectors have expressed support for the expansion, citing its potential to benefit both consumers and businesses. Anne Kothawala, President & CEO of the Convenience Industry Council of Canada, commended the government for prioritizing consumer choice and economic opportunities.

Similarly, Scott Simmons, President of the Ontario Craft Brewers, lauded the move, emphasizing its potential to boost local craft breweries and enhance consumer access to Ontario-made products.

Overall, the accelerated expansion of alcohol sales represents a significant step forward for Ontario, signaling a modernization of the province’s alcohol beverage marketplace and ushering in a new era of choice and convenience for consumers. With careful planning and collaboration between government, industry stakeholders, and retailers, Ontario is poised to create a more open and accessible marketplace for alcoholic beverages, benefiting residents and businesses alike.

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