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Ontario Announces $125 Million Manufacturing Boost in Windsor and Leamington

In a bid to bolster the manufacturing sector and create new employment opportunities, the Ontario government has unveiled a $125 million investment plan for Windsor and Leamington. The initiative, announced by Victor Fedeli, Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade, is set to pave the way for significant expansions in the automotive and food processing industries, generating 153 local jobs in the process.

Four prominent companies are spearheading these transformative projects:

DS Actimo Canada: Investing over $60 million, DS Actimo Canada, a subsidiary of South Korea-based DSEV, will construct a 107,000 square-foot facility in Windsor, its first manufacturing plant in North America. This venture is anticipated to create 96 new jobs and contribute to the production of components for electric vehicle (EV) batteries.

Kautex Textron: With an investment of nearly $23 million, Kautex Textron is establishing a new manufacturing facility in Windsor to produce battery casings for EVs using advanced composite materials. This move will result in the creation of 12 new jobs.

Integrity Tool & Mold Inc.: Investing over $15.6 million, Integrity Tool & Mold Inc. is set to enhance its production capacity by adopting state-of-the-art technology at its Windsor facility. This initiative will create 25 new jobs and further solidify its global leadership in the tool and mold industry.

Highbury Canco Corp.: With an investment exceeding $26.5 million, Highbury Canco Corp. is gearing up to modernize its facility in Leamington, thus augmenting its processing and warehouse capacity. This endeavor is poised to create 20 new jobs.

The Ontario government is extending crucial support to these ventures through the Regional Development Program (RDP), offering nearly $12 million in funding to facilitate their implementation. Furthermore, the province has allocated $150 million through the RDP to foster manufacturing growth province-wide.

Expressing their gratitude for the government’s support, company representatives emphasized the significance of these investments in fostering innovation and driving economic growth in the region.


This substantial investment in Windsor and Leamington’s manufacturing sector marks a pivotal moment for economic development in the region. The creation of over 150 new jobs signifies not only a boost to the local workforce but also a vote of confidence in Ontario’s industrial capabilities. With the automotive and food processing industries poised for transformation, these investments underscore the province’s commitment to fostering innovation and competitiveness. As Ontario continues to navigate through economic challenges, initiatives like the Regional Development Program serve as crucial catalysts for sustainable growth and prosperity.

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