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Ontarians Urged to Take Precautions Against Tick Bites as Summer Approaches

Toronto ON – As temperatures rise and Ontarians eagerly embrace the great outdoors, health officials are issuing a timely reminder to protect against the dangers of tick bites and tick-borne diseases. With cases of Lyme disease and other tick-related illnesses on the rise, the Ontario government, through the Ministry of Health, is urging residents across the province to take proactive measures to safeguard themselves and their loved ones.

Tick-borne diseases, including Lyme disease, can lead to serious health complications if left untreated. Symptoms such as fever, headache, fatigue, and an expanding rash resembling a bull’s-eye should prompt immediate medical attention.

Deputy Premier and Minister of Health, Sylvia Jones, emphasized the importance of preventative measures, stating, “As we start enjoying the warmer weather again, it is important that we all take steps to protect ourselves and loved ones from tick bites and tick-borne diseases.”

Key recommendations from health officials include wearing light-colored clothing to easily spot ticks, using insect repellent containing DEET or icaridin, conducting thorough tick checks after outdoor activities, and promptly removing any ticks found.

Dr. Kieran Moore, Chief Medical Officer of Health, highlighted the significance of vigilance in tick-prone areas, stating, “By being vigilant, wearing appropriate clothing, and doing routine tick checks, we can avoid tick bites and ensure our trips outside are safe and healthy.”

Furthermore, Ontarians are reminded that pharmacists are equipped to treat and prescribe medications for common medical ailments, including tick bites, making it more convenient for individuals to seek timely medical assistance.

The prevalence of infected blacklegged ticks across the province underscores the necessity for proactive measures. Since 2021, there have been nearly 5,000 reported cases of Lyme disease in Ontario, along with cases of other tick-borne illnesses such as anaplasmosis and babesiosis.

As the risk of tick bites persists throughout the year, it is imperative for Ontarians to remain vigilant, especially when engaging in outdoor activities.

In light of these concerns, GTA Today reached out to local residents for their perspectives. Sarah, a frequent hiker from Toronto, shared, “I always make sure to wear protective clothing and do thorough tick checks after hiking. It’s about enjoying nature safely.”


As summer approaches, it’s crucial for Ontarians to heed the advice of health officials and take proactive steps to prevent tick bites. The increasing prevalence of tick-borne illnesses underscores the importance of awareness and vigilance. By adopting simple yet effective measures, individuals can enjoy the outdoors while safeguarding their health. Let’s prioritize prevention and ensure a safe and enjoyable summer for all.

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