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NSIRA Report on Foreign Interference Tabled in Parliament

Ottawa, Ontario – In a significant move aimed at strengthening the integrity of Canada’s democratic process, the Honourable Dominic LeBlanc, Minister of Public Safety, Democratic Institutions and Intergovernmental Affairs, today tabled the National Security and Intelligence Review Agency’s (NSIRA) review on foreign interference in the 43rd and 44th federal general elections in Parliament.

“Democracies around the world are grappling with the threat posed by foreign interference,” Minister LeBlanc stated. “Here in Canada, we have robust safeguards in place to protect our democracy, and we are continuously improving our capacity to address this evolving threat.”

The NSIRA’s comprehensive report highlights the persistent and evolving threat of foreign interference in Canadian elections. It underscores the importance of ongoing vigilance and the enhancement of measures to protect the country’s democratic institutions. Minister LeBlanc expressed the government’s gratitude for NSIRA’s diligent work and emphasized that the findings will significantly bolster efforts to detect, deter, and confront foreign interference.

In response to the report, the Government of Canada is set to carefully examine and review the recommendations provided by NSIRA. This review aligns with the government’s broader commitment to ensuring the fairness and legitimacy of Canada’s elections, thereby maintaining public trust in the democratic process.

Additionally, the government anticipates further insights from the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians (NSICOP) and the final report from the Public Inquiry on Foreign Interference. These insights will be integral in shaping future strategies and policies.

Minister LeBlanc also highlighted recent initiatives aimed at countering foreign interference. Earlier this month, the government introduced Bill C-70, An Act respecting countering foreign interference, which seeks to protect individuals in Canada and uphold the freedom and fairness of the country’s democratic system.

“Together, this and other initiatives are helping us to further strengthen Canada’s counter-foreign interference toolkit through a range of measures and legislative amendments, while ensuring that the Canadian public is well informed of the threats posed by foreign interference,” said LeBlanc.

The government’s proactive stance and the implementation of new measures reflect a commitment to safeguarding Canada’s democratic institutions. As the country continues to enhance its defenses against foreign interference, Canadians can remain confident in the integrity of their democratic processes.

Alwin Marshall-Squire

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