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MiWay Extends Fare Discount Program for Children and Seniors Until End of 2024

Mississauga, ON – MiWay, Mississauga’s transit service, has announced the extension of its fare discount pilot program until December 31, 2024, aiming to enhance transit accessibility and affordability for residents. The program will continue to offer free fares for children aged 6 to 12 and all-day $1 fares for seniors aged 65 and over.

The decision, announced by the General Committee, comes after MiWay experienced a remarkable 109% increase in ridership during the initial pilot phase, compared to pre-pandemic levels in 2019. However, children and senior ridership levels had not fully rebounded, prompting the need for the extension to encourage consistent usage among these demographics.

Eve Wiggins, Director of Transit, emphasized the program’s goal of encouraging more families and seniors to utilize MiWay as their primary mode of transportation, highlighting its affordability, safety, reliability, and convenience. Wiggins reminded participants to ensure their PRESTO cards are set to the appropriate fare category for their age group.

The extension of the program received approval from City Council, aligning with the city’s strategic goals of developing a transit-oriented city while ensuring affordability and accessibility for all residents.

Despite the anticipated financial impact, with a projected revenue decrease of $950,000, MiWay remains committed to analyzing the program’s impact closely. The increase in adult and youth ridership is expected to offset the revenue decrease, maintaining a balanced budget.

MiWay’s dedication to making transit more affordable and accessible, particularly for children and seniors, is evident in this extension. The final approval for the fare discount pilot program is scheduled to go to Council on Wednesday, April 17.


The extension of MiWay’s fare discount program signifies the transit service’s commitment to serving the community by prioritizing affordability and accessibility. By offering free fares for children and discounted rates for seniors, MiWay aims to encourage more individuals to choose public transportation as their preferred mode of travel. This move not only benefits residents but also aligns with broader city objectives of promoting sustainable transit solutions. However, the financial implications of the program extension raise questions about its long-term sustainability and the need for continued evaluation to ensure it remains viable. Residents will be eager to see how MiWay addresses these challenges while maintaining its commitment to providing accessible and affordable transit options.


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