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MiWay Announces Service Changes Starting April 29

Mississauga, ON – MiWay, the transit service provider for the city of Mississauga, has announced several changes to its services starting Monday, April 29, aimed at improving efficiency and meeting customer demand.

Among the key adjustments are enhancements to weekend service on Routes 61 Mavis and 66 McLaughlin, which will see increased frequency to better serve passengers during weekends. This move reflects MiWay’s commitment to providing reliable transit options for residents, particularly on high-traffic days.

Additionally, commuters utilizing Route 20 Rathburn will need to take note of a relocation of the bus stop from Platform O to Platform K inside the terminal loop. This change aims to streamline the boarding process and improve overall traffic flow within the terminal.

To address increased demand, MiWay will be adding extra trips to Routes 6 Credit Woodlands, 8 Cawthra, 13 Erin Glen, and 45 Winston Churchill. These adjustments come in response to feedback from passengers and aim to ensure a comfortable and efficient journey for all riders.

However, some routes will experience seasonal reductions in service. Routes 44 Mississauga Road, 101A Dundas Express, 107 Malton Express, and 110 University Express will have reduced service during the summer academic term due to lower customer demand.

Commuters are advised to check for updated schedules as several routes will undergo schedule adjustments to accommodate these changes effectively.

Moreover, on Victoria Day, Monday, May 20, 2024, buses will operate on a holiday schedule, with adjusted timings for the convenience of passengers.

MiWay’s General Manager, Sarah Kallo, expressed optimism about the changes, stating, “These adjustments reflect our ongoing commitment to providing reliable, efficient, and customer-focused transit services for the residents of Mississauga. We continuously evaluate our routes and schedules to ensure they meet the evolving needs of our community.”

Residents are encouraged to visit MiWay’s website for further information and to plan their trips accordingly.


The announced changes by MiWay reflect a proactive approach to addressing the needs of commuters in Mississauga. By enhancing weekend services, adjusting routes to accommodate increased demand, and implementing schedule modifications, MiWay demonstrates a commitment to improving the overall transit experience for residents. However, the seasonal reductions in service on certain routes may inconvenience some passengers, particularly students. It’s important for transit users to stay informed about these changes and plan their journeys accordingly. Ultimately, these adjustments signify MiWay’s dedication to providing efficient and reliable transit solutions while adapting to the dynamic requirements of the community.


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