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Mississauga’s Lakeview Village Project Takes Major Stride Towards Completion

Mississauga – In a significant leap forward for the Lakeview Village development project, the City of Mississauga and Lakeview Community Partners Ltd. (LCPL) have finalized agreements that pave the way for the construction of new homes and essential community amenities. This landmark decision marks a crucial step towards fulfilling Mississauga’s ambitious housing targets and revitalizing its waterfront area.

City Council’s approval of a subdivision agreement authorizes LCPL to commence construction on the first phase of the project, encompassing 8,050 residential units. Backed by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, this agreement ensures compliance with parkland requirements, transportation studies, traffic improvements, and other crucial infrastructure needs. Notably, LCPL has committed to earmarking a minimum of five percent of the housing units as affordable housing, addressing a pressing need in the community.

In addition to the subdivision agreement, City Council also greenlit a community benefits agreement with LCPL. Under this arrangement, LCPL will contribute $14 million towards the development of cultural amenities, including the much-anticipated Lakeview Pier. This injection of funds will not only enhance the recreational and cultural offerings of the area but also underscore the developer’s commitment to community enrichment.

Acting Mayor Matt Mahoney expressed his satisfaction with reaching this milestone, emphasizing the city’s dedication to fostering a vibrant and sustainable community. “We remain committed to attracting a new generation to live and work in Mississauga by supporting the transformation of this area into a liveable, walkable, waterfront community,” he remarked.

Shari Lichterman, City Manager and CAO, echoed these sentiments, highlighting LCPL’s commitment to providing essential infrastructure and amenities for the community’s well-being. She emphasized the collaborative efforts between the city, the developer, and the provincial facilitator in ensuring the project’s success.

Lakeview Village, situated on a sprawling 177-acre site along Mississauga’s waterfront, holds immense potential to redefine the city’s landscape. With planning efforts dating back to 2010 and recent government interventions to increase density, the project is poised to address Mississauga’s growing housing needs while creating a dynamic and inclusive neighborhood.

As the development progresses, stakeholders are optimistic about the positive impact it will have on the local economy, environment, and quality of life for residents. With continued cooperation and diligence, Lakeview Village is set to emerge as a model for sustainable urban development in the Greater Toronto Area.


The approval of agreements for the Lakeview Village project represents a pivotal moment for Mississauga’s urban development trajectory. By addressing crucial housing needs and investing in community infrastructure, the city is laying the groundwork for a more inclusive and prosperous future. The commitment to affordable housing and cultural amenities demonstrates a holistic approach to urban planning that prioritizes the well-being of residents. As construction commences and the vision for Lakeview Village takes shape, it’s essential to maintain transparency, accountability, and community engagement to ensure that the project fulfills its promise of creating a vibrant and livable waterfront community.


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