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Mississauga’s Erin Mills Twin Arena Wins ENERGY STAR® Building of the Year Award

MISSISSAUGA – The City of Mississauga is proud to announce that Erin Mills Twin Arena has been awarded the prestigious ENERGY STAR® Building of the Year Award by Natural Resources Canada. This accolade comes as the City embarks on its fourth Five-Year Energy Conservation Plan for 2024-2028.

Achievements from the Previous Plan (2019-2023)

The City successfully completed its previous Five-Year Energy Conservation Plan, achieving significant milestones:

  • Decreased overall energy consumption by 5%
  • Avoided $1,304,700 in total utility costs
  • Received $691,288 in total incentives from utilities due to cost savings
  • Obtained several awards and certifications, including ISO 50001 certification for Frank McKechnie Community Centre

Goals for the New Five-Year Plan (2024-2028)

The new plan aims to build on past successes with ambitious initiatives:

  • Expanding implementation of heat pumps in HVAC and domestic hot water systems
  • Increasing renewable energy generation through solar panel installations
  • Enhancing heat recovery in indoor pools and ice rinks
  • Conducting ongoing commissioning of main facilities using advanced analytics tools
  • Upgrading HVAC and lighting controls to optimize operations based on occupancy

Erin Mills Twin Arena was one of 11 facilities nationwide recognized by Natural Resources Canada for advancing energy efficiency and achieving ambitious energy goals in 2023 and 2024.

Mayor Carolyn Parrish’s Statement

“We are delighted to be recognized nationally for our commitment to energy efficiency. Our new Five-Year Energy Conservation Plan builds on the great work we have done so far to help navigate climate change. I am proud of our achievements to date. The actions we are taking now and over the next few years – like reducing our carbon footprint, adopting renewable energy, and promoting sustainable practices – will help lessen the impacts of climate change and enable a more resilient, greener, and sustainable future for Mississauga.” – Mayor Carolyn Parrish

For more information about the City’s Five-Year Energy Conservation Plan: 2024-2028 and Natural Resources Canada’s ENERGY STAR Canada program, visit their respective websites.


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