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Mississauga Veterinarian Recognized for Dedication to Making Cycling Inclusive for All Residents

Mississauga, ON – Dr. Kevin Saldanha, a Streetsville veterinarian, has been awarded the prestigious 2023 Phil Green Award by the Mississauga Cycling Advisory Committee (MCAC) for his outstanding contributions to promoting cycling accessibility within the community. The award recognizes Dr. Saldanha’s tireless efforts in establishing the Mississauga chapter of Cycling Without Age, a program aimed at reintroducing the joy of cycling to older adults and individuals with limited mobility.

Since its inception in 2022, Dr. Saldanha’s non-profit initiative has garnered significant attention for its innovative approach to inclusivity in cycling. Cycling Without Age provides trishaw rides—purpose-built three-wheeled vehicles with pedals and electric motors—to residents of Mississauga nursing and retirement residences, enabling them to experience their local communities in a unique and enjoyable manner.

Dr. Kevin Saldanha stands beside the Cycling Without Age trishaw used to take older adults and individuals in Mississauga on slow rides (image contributed)
Dr. Kevin Saldanha stands beside the Cycling Without Age trishaw used to take older adults and individuals in Mississauga on slow rides

Accepting the award, Dr. Saldanha expressed gratitude for the recognition and emphasized the importance of cycling accessibility for individuals of all ages and abilities. He highlighted the transformative impact of the program, noting that it not only promotes physical activity but also fosters social inclusion and community engagement.

In addition to his work with Cycling Without Age, Dr. Kevin Saldanha has been instrumental in organizing the Streetsville Slow Rollers, bi-weekly family bike rides designed to cater to cyclists of all ages and skill levels. These rides provide participants with an opportunity to explore their community in a safe and welcoming environment, further promoting the benefits of cycling as a sustainable mode of transportation.

The Phil Green Award, presented annually by the MCAC, honors individuals or groups who demonstrate exceptional initiative in promoting cycling within the Mississauga community. Dr. Saldanha’s dedication to advancing cycling accessibility aligns with the legacy of Phil Green, a founding member of the MCAC known for his advocacy of safe cycling and sustainable transportation practices.

Ward 2 Councillor Alvin Tedjo, Chair of the Mississauga Cycling Advisory Committee, commended Dr. Saldanha for his exemplary leadership and commitment to enhancing cycling accessibility in Mississauga. Ward 3 Councillor Chris Fonseca, Vice-Chair of the MCAC, echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the positive impact of Dr. Saldanha’s initiatives on community well-being.

Dr. Kevin Saldanha’s receipt of the 2023 Phil Green Award serves as a testament to his dedication and vision in making cycling more accessible and enjoyable for residents of all ages and abilities in Mississauga. His ongoing efforts continue to inspire and empower individuals to embrace cycling as a means of transportation, recreation, and community engagement.


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