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Mississauga Takes Strides in Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Efforts: A Roadmap for Inclusive Progress

Mississauga, ON – The City of Mississauga has unveiled its latest progress report on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) efforts, marking significant strides in creating a more inclusive and equitable community for all its residents. Presented at the General Committee meeting, the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Progress Report 2023 showcases the city’s commitment to embedding EDI principles into its core operations and services.

City Manager and CAO, Shari Lichterman, emphasized the importance of fostering a culture that values diversity and ensures equity and inclusion in decision-making processes. “Creating a progressive, sustainable culture that values diversity and ensures equity and inclusion is at the heart of decision-making,” said Lichterman. “I’m proud of the strides we’ve taken in creating a welcoming work environment for all employees and ensuring our city is responsive to the residents we serve.”

The report outlines the city’s strategy for EDI, focusing on four major themes:

  1. Driving Change Across All City Initiatives: Mississauga is committed to integrating EDI principles into all aspects of city operations.
  2. Cultivating a Culture of Learning and Development: The city is investing in training and tools to promote continuous learning and development among its staff.
  3. Implementing EDI Policies and Governance Activities: Mississauga is working to reshape city services through the implementation of EDI policies and governance activities.
  4. Identifying and Dismantling Systemic Barriers: The city is dedicating resources to identify and dismantle systemic barriers to equity and inclusion.

In 2023, the city made significant progress in advancing key EDI commitments and initiatives. The completion of the 2022 Employee Engagement and Demographic Survey provided valuable insights that guided action plans across all city divisions. Additionally, Mississauga launched its first-ever Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to provide support and representation for various communities within the workforce.

Looking ahead, the city has outlined essential steps to further its EDI efforts, including implementing recommendations for recruitment and leadership succession with an EDI focus, establishing a naming process rooted in EDI principles, and developing a six-year Anti-Racism, Anti-Oppression Strategy.


Mississauga’s commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion is commendable and sets a strong example for municipalities across the Greater Toronto Area. By prioritizing EDI principles in its operations and services, the city is working towards creating a more inclusive and equitable community for all its residents. It is crucial for other municipalities to follow suit and prioritize EDI initiatives to address systemic inequalities and foster a more welcoming environment for everyone. As Mississauga continues on its journey towards equity and inclusion, it is essential for residents to actively engage and support these efforts to ensure they are meaningful and impactful.


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