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Mississauga Offers Free Plans to Make Building Garden Suites Easy

Mississauga ON – Mississauga homeowners now have an easier path to adding garden suites to their properties, thanks to new free, pre-approved plans provided by the City. These small homes, designed to fit in many backyards, offer an ideal solution for those looking to downsize, create additional space for family members, or generate rental income.

“Today we’re delivering another key initiative from Mississauga’s Housing Action Plan. Our garden suite plans are a great example of how we’re streamlining City processes to get homes built more quickly and help with affordability,” said Andrew Whittemore, Commissioner of Planning and Building. “Housing is a top priority and these plans are one more way that we’re helping to make it easier to get building.”

Streamlined Building Process

The City offers two standardized garden suite models:

  • Open-concept studio – 40 square metres (430 square feet)
  • One-bedroom suite – 55 square metres (600 square feet)

Both models include a kitchen space and a three-piece washroom. Homeowners can download these pre-approved plans from the City’s website, saving time and money by bypassing the need for custom designs. This initiative is part of a broader effort to expedite the construction of new homes and address housing affordability.

Promoting Gentle Density

Garden suites represent a gentle way to increase housing density in Mississauga’s neighbourhoods. This approach helps to bring more residents to areas with existing infrastructure, such as schools, parks, and community centres, while also promoting more compact and walkable communities. It also aids in reducing urban sprawl.

“Like other maturing cities, we’re seeing major growth in our urban areas – such as our downtown core – but many of our neighbourhoods are shrinking. Allowing more housing types – such as fourplexes, triplexes and garden suites – is a good way to reinvigorate communities experiencing population decline,” Whittemore noted.

Customizable Yet Efficient

Homeowners have the flexibility to customize the interior and exterior finishes of their garden suites, including paint, plumbing fixtures, siding, windows, doors, and flooring, without altering the pre-approved layout. This allows for personalized touches while maintaining the efficiency of the pre-approved plans. By using these plans, homeowners can move directly to working with licensed builders, simplifying the process and cutting down on design time.

Next Steps for Homeowners

Those interested in building a garden suite can visit to download the plans and get started. The City’s website also offers additional resources, including renderings and detailed information on the building process. Homeowners will be responsible for all building costs and may need support to prepare the building permit application.

A Broader Housing Strategy

This initiative is part of Mississauga’s larger strategy to increase ‘Missing Middle’ housing in low-rise communities. Last year, the City updated its Official Plan and zoning rules to make it easier for homeowners to build:

  • Up to two additional residential units (ARUs) in addition to the primary home; or
  • A new fourplex on a lot (or convert their current home to four separate units)

These updates aim to meet the province’s goal of building 120,000 new homes by streamlining building approvals and making homes more affordable.

For more information, read Growing Mississauga: An Action Plan for New Housing.

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