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Mississauga Library Invites Youth to Capture City’s Essence in Photography Contest for 50th Anniversary

Mississauga — As Mississauga gears up to celebrate its 50th anniversary, the Mississauga Library has launched an exciting initiative to engage the city’s young residents in a creative celebration of their community. Youth aged 12 to 24 are invited to participate in a photography contest titled “Snapshots of Mississauga,” aimed at capturing the essence and beauty of the city through their lenses.

The contest, which runs from June 1st to August 31st, encourages participants to showcase their favorite places in Mississauga, whether it’s the tranquility of local parks, the architectural marvels of landmarks, the vibrancy of community spaces, the charm of various neighborhoods, or the discovery of hidden gems. This initiative not only provides a platform for young photographers to exhibit their artistic talents but also serves as a meaningful contribution to the city’s historical archives.

“All submitted images will be archived in the Historic Images Gallery, preserving the youth’s vision of Mississauga for future generations,” explained a spokesperson from the Mississauga Library. A panel of judges from the Teen Advisory Group will shortlist ten finalists based on specific criteria, with the selected photographs to be featured in both digital and print formats at the prestigious Bradley Museum’s “Out of the Vault” 50th Anniversary Exhibition.

“This exhibition will not only highlight the creative talents of our young residents but also offer a unique perspective on Mississauga’s past, present, and future,” added the spokesperson. The public will also have the opportunity to vote for their favorite submissions online, further engaging the community in celebrating Mississauga’s rich history and promising future.

Participation in the contest not only offers recognition and exposure for young photographers but also encourages them to connect with their community in a meaningful way during this milestone anniversary. For more information on how to participate, including submission guidelines and eligibility criteria, interested individuals are encouraged to visit the dedicated Snapshots of Mississauga webpage.

Join us in celebrating Mississauga’s 50th anniversary by capturing the city’s spirit through your lens. This is your chance to showcase your creativity and contribute to a lasting legacy for generations to come.

For more details, visit City of Mississauga webpage.


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