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Mississauga Launches ‘Invest Mississauga’ to Cement its Role as a Global Business Hub

Mississauga, ON – The City of Mississauga has unveiled a new brand, Invest Mississauga, aimed at strengthening its position as a premier global business center. The launch, which took place at the renowned Collision Conference, underscores Mississauga’s commitment to fostering a diverse and dynamic economic environment, particularly within its rapidly growing technology sector.

Elevating Economic Development

Christina Kakaflikas, Director of Economic Development for the City of Mississauga, introduced Invest Mississauga as one of Canada’s most trusted economic development entities. “Our goal is to foster a competitive, prosperous, sustainable and inclusive economy by helping businesses of all sizes grow and succeed.,” Kakaflikas stated.

A Tech-Driven Economy

Mississauga’s tech sector is flourishing, with more than 940 companies and 44,000 highly skilled workers driving innovation. A significant portion of the city’s workforce, nearly 28%, specializes in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). This focus on advanced technologies, including robotics and AI, is creating new opportunities across various sectors such as life sciences, advanced manufacturing, financial services, and smart logistics.

A Leader in Life Sciences

The city is a powerhouse in life sciences and health technology, boasting the second-largest Life Sciences cluster in Canada. Over 500 companies in this sector employ 27,000 people, contributing to a $1.5 billion increase in new investments since 2020. Medtech employment alone has nearly doubled since 2016, highlighting Mississauga’s innovative edge and global significance in the field.

Supporting Startups and Inclusive Growth

Invest Mississauga is also committed to nurturing the city’s startup ecosystem through IDEA Mississauga. The IDEA Entrepreneurship Hub, located in Square One Shopping Centre, provides a collaborative space for entrepreneurs to connect with mentors, partners, and access essential resources. This initiative aims to foster inclusive entrepreneurship, ensuring that a diverse range of innovators can thrive and contribute to the city’s economic landscape.

A Comprehensive Resource for Businesses

With a customer-focused approach, Invest Mississauga offers a suite of services designed to help businesses grow and remain competitive. From customized market insights to strategic advice and networking opportunities, the organization is dedicated to supporting companies at every stage of development.

As Mississauga continues to evolve into a global business hub, the launch of Invest Mississauga marks a significant milestone in its economic development journey. The city’s robust tech sector, coupled with its leadership in life sciences and commitment to inclusive entrepreneurship, positions it as a prime destination for business investment and growth.

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