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Mississauga Launches Community Rides Program to Celebrate City’s 50th Anniversary

In celebration of Mississauga’s 50th anniversary, the city is launching its Community Rides program, inviting residents to explore the city’s neighborhoods on two wheels while strengthening ties with the community.

The free guided bike rides, set to commence on Saturday, May 4, will take place every two weeks until the end of October. Designed for Mississauga residents of all ages and cycling abilities, the rides offer participants a unique opportunity to experience the city’s cycling infrastructure, including on-road bike lanes, shared pathways, and multi-use trails.

The program features a variety of routes, ranging from eight to 16 kilometers, showcasing different neighborhoods across Mississauga. Whether it’s the quaint streets of Streetsville, the vibrant energy of Port Credit, or the scenic beauty of Meadowvale, there’s something for everyone to discover.

Participants interested in joining the group-style rides must register and gather at the specified starting locations, where city staff will be available to provide guidance and address any inquiries.

The initiative also includes the “50 for 50” challenge, encouraging residents to give back to the community by cycling either 50 kilometers or for 50 minutes to reduce carbon emissions and promote physical activity. Upon completion, participants can download a certificate to showcase their civic pride.

For more information about the Community Rides program and registration details, residents can visit the official website at Updates will also be shared on the city’s social media channels.


The initiative to explore Mississauga on two wheels through the Community Rides program sounds fantastic! It’s a great opportunity to not only discover the city’s neighborhoods but also to connect with fellow residents and enjoy the outdoors. Plus, it’s wonderful to see that the rides cater to all ages and cycling abilities, making it inclusive for everyone.

The schedule seems well thought out, with rides happening every two weeks from June to October, covering different parts of Mississauga. The pre-season rides in May also offer a nice warm-up before the main season begins.

The 50 for 50 challenge adds an extra layer of community engagement, encouraging residents to give back and promote cycling in celebration of Mississauga’s 50th anniversary. It’s a meaningful way to contribute to sustainability efforts and personal wellness.

Overall, this initiative seems like a fantastic way to explore Mississauga, stay active, and foster a sense of community spirit.


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