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Mississauga Invites Resident Feedback on Street Sports By-laws

Mississauga, ON — The City of Mississauga is calling on its residents to participate in a review of by-laws concerning the playing of sports and use of sports equipment on local roads. This initiative comes as the city seeks to ensure the safety and enjoyment of its streets for all residents.

Currently, Mississauga enforces these activities based on complaints, resolving issues primarily through educational measures. However, with the growing interest in street sports, the city recognizes the need to revisit and potentially revise these regulations.

From now until Tuesday, August 6, residents can voice their opinions through an online survey. The survey aims to collect valuable insights into what sports are being played on streets, how frequently they are played, and any concerns or suggestions from the community.

Key areas of focus for the survey include:

  • Identifying which sports, if any, should be permitted on Mississauga streets.
  • Determining the appropriate times and locations for street sports.
  • Establishing guidelines for the storage of sports equipment when not in use.
  • Developing strategies for enforcing the updated by-laws.

Residents are encouraged to participate in the survey to help the city understand community needs and preferences. The insights gained will inform recommendations for potential changes to the existing by-laws, promoting a harmonious balance between recreational activities and public safety.

For more information and to complete the survey, residents can visit

This review represents an opportunity for Mississauga’s residents to play a direct role in shaping the policies that affect their daily lives and neighborhood dynamics. The city looks forward to the community’s input and the subsequent enhancements to its street sports regulations.


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