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Mississauga Implements Musician Fair Pay Policy to Support Local Talent

Mississauga, Ontario – In a landmark decision, the City of Mississauga has approved its inaugural Musician Fair Pay Policy, demonstrating a commitment to recognizing and valuing the contributions of local musicians. This pioneering policy, one of the first of its kind in Canada, establishes minimum payment standards for musicians performing at City-produced events, marking a significant milestone in fostering an equitable and thriving music industry within the city.

The Musician Fair Pay Policy is a direct result of the City’s comprehensive Music Strategy: 2022-2026, which outlines 32 actions over the next five years to support the growth and development of Mississauga’s music scene. Crafted in collaboration with the local music community and industry stakeholders, the policy provides clear guidelines for fair compensation, ensuring that all performers receive adequate remuneration for their talents and contributions.

Kristina Zietsma, Director of Culture and Recreation for the City of Mississauga, emphasized the importance of supporting local musicians, stating, “Musicians are the foundation of a strong music economy and help contribute to our city’s lively music scene.”

The policy applies to City-produced events where musicians are contracted for live performances and is based on minimum scale rates set by the Toronto Musicians’ Association, Local 149 (TMA), aligning with industry-standard payment rates for professional musicians in the Greater Toronto Area.

In a move towards transparency and accessibility, the City announced that the Musician Fair Pay Policy will be published on the City’s website in the coming weeks. This initiative aims to eliminate ambiguity and provide clarity on compensation practices for both artists and event organizers.

The introduction of Mississauga’s Musician Fair Pay Policy underscores the City’s dedication to nurturing its local arts community and ensuring that musicians receive fair recognition and compensation for their invaluable contributions to the city’s cultural landscape.


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