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Mississauga Implements Bold Changes to Enhance Forestry Services

In a bid to address the burgeoning demand for forestry services and elevate the quality of urban greenery, the City of Mississauga has embarked on a series of transformative initiatives aimed at refining its forestry operations.

At a recent General Committee meeting, the City’s Forestry team unveiled a comprehensive strategy designed to streamline processes, eliminate backlogs, and adopt proactive maintenance measures. Nadia Paladino, Director of Parks, Forestry and Environment, underscored the pressing need for action amidst a significant surge in requests for service.

With nearly 300,000 street trees and over a million trees spread across parks, trails, and natural areas, Mississauga’s urban forest has experienced exponential growth in recent years. To manage this surge effectively, the City is focusing on eradicating the current backlog, initiating a new tree maintenance contract, and implementing a proactive approach to tree care.

Efforts to clear the backlog have already seen progress, with additional stumping crews deployed and 3,573 stumping work orders successfully cleared between July 2023 and January 2024. This milestone sets the stage for upcoming tree planting activities scheduled for the spring season.

Residents can also look forward to improved customer experiences, as they now have access to real-time tracking and monitoring of service requests and work orders through an interactive tree map. Internal process enhancements and resource optimization efforts aim to further expedite service delivery.

Anticipation is high for the forthcoming tree maintenance contract, which is expected to increase service capacity and cater to the growing demand for forestry services. Mississauga is also embracing a proactive maintenance cycle spanning seven years, with the aim of enhancing the health and resilience of its urban forest while minimizing long-term maintenance costs.

In closing, Paladino emphasized the City’s commitment to strategic planning, highlighting initiatives such as the new Forestry and Natural Heritage Master Plan. These efforts align with Mississauga’s broader vision of becoming a low carbon, sustainable, and resilient city, with a focus on protecting and preserving its invaluable natural assets.


Mississauga’s proactive approach to enhancing forestry services is commendable and reflects a commitment to environmental stewardship and community well-being. By addressing backlogs, implementing innovative solutions, and prioritizing long-term sustainability, the City is setting a precedent for effective urban forestry management.

The introduction of real-time tracking for residents underscores a commitment to transparency and accountability, fostering greater community engagement and satisfaction. Moreover, the adoption of proactive maintenance measures demonstrates foresight and a dedication to ensuring the longevity of Mississauga’s urban green spaces.

As climate change continues to pose challenges to urban environments, initiatives like those undertaken by Mississauga are increasingly vital. By investing in the health and resilience of its urban forest, the City is not only safeguarding against environmental risks but also enhancing the quality of life for its residents, both now and in the future.

GTA Today commends Mississauga for its bold steps towards creating a greener, more sustainable future and encourages other municipalities to follow suit in prioritizing environmental conservation and community well-being.


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