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Mississauga Gears Up for By-Election: Ensuring Every Voice Counts

Mississauga – As the vibrant city of Mississauga anticipates its upcoming by-election for Mayor and Ward 5 Councillor, residents are urged to prepare for their chance to shape the city’s trajectory. With the election date set for Monday, June 10, and advance voting options available on May 25 and 26, as well as June 1 and 2, the electoral process is in full swing.

Confirming Voter Information:

To ensure a smooth and efficient voting experience, eligible voters are encouraged to confirm or update their information on the voters’ list. The Voter Registration Portal provides a convenient platform for residents to verify their personal details, such as name and address. By taking this proactive step, voters can avoid unnecessary delays or complications at the polling stations.

Familiarizing with Candidates:

With a diverse pool of candidates vying for public office, Mississauga residents have the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the contenders. Twenty candidates are contending for the esteemed position of Mayor, while fifteen individuals are competing for the Ward 5 Councillor seat. It is imperative for voters to familiarize themselves with the platforms and visions of each candidate to make informed decisions on election day.

Voting Location Information:

Residents who find themselves on the preliminary voters’ list can expect to receive a voter notification card in the mail. This card serves as a valuable resource, providing essential information about designated voting days and locations. In the event that a voter does not receive this notification card, alternative arrangements can be made to ensure their participation in the electoral process.

Ensuring Voting Eligibility:

The Municipal Elections Act 1996 outlines the criteria for eligibility to cast a ballot in municipal elections. To partake in the upcoming by-election, individuals must be Canadian citizens, at least 18 years of age, and either residents of Mississauga or non-residents who own or rent property within the city limits.


The upcoming by-election presents a crucial opportunity for Mississauga residents to actively engage in the democratic process and shape the future of their city. With a diverse array of candidates vying for public office, voters have the responsibility to thoroughly evaluate each contender’s platform and vision for the community. By participating in the electoral process, residents can ensure that their voices are heard and that the leadership reflects the values and aspirations of the people of Mississauga.

As the city prepares for this pivotal moment, it is imperative that all eligible voters take the necessary steps to confirm their information, familiarize themselves with the candidates, and exercise their right to vote. Through active participation and informed decision-making, residents can contribute to building a stronger, more inclusive, and vibrant Mississauga for generations to come.


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