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Mississauga Fire Department Urges Public Vigilance to Prevent Lithium-Ion Battery Fires

Mississauga – In light of the increasing prevalence of lithium-ion battery-powered devices in everyday life, Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services (MFES) is issuing a crucial reminder to Greater Toronto Area (GTA) residents: take charge of your safety to prevent lithium-ion battery fires.

Lithium-ion batteries, ubiquitous in cell phones, laptops, e-bikes, and more, offer convenience and portability but also pose inherent risks if mishandled or neglected. As temperatures rise with the onset of warmer weather, the potential for battery-related incidents escalates, prompting MFES to underscore the importance of precautionary measures.

MFES’s proactive stance is encapsulated in the C.H.A.R.G.E. acronym, a mnemonic device designed to empower individuals with essential safety guidelines:

  • Choose certified products: Emphasizing the significance of purchasing from reputable manufacturers and retailers, MFES advises consumers to prioritize products certified by esteemed testing laboratories such as CSA, UL, or ETL.
  • Handle with care: Following manufacturer instructions, utilizing designated charging equipment, and storing batteries away from extreme temperatures are emphasized to mitigate risks.
  • Always be alert for warning signs: Regularly inspecting batteries for signs of damage, swelling, unusual noises, odors, or heat fluctuations is crucial for preempting potential hazards.
  • Recycle batteries responsibly: MFES advocates for the proper disposal of old or damaged batteries at Hazardous Community Recycling Centres, discouraging their disposal in regular trash due to environmental and safety concerns.
  • Get out quickly: In the event of an emergency, recognizing warning signs, adhering to home escape plans, and promptly contacting emergency services are vital for swift response and mitigation.
  • Educate others about battery safety: Encouraging a collective commitment to safety, MFES urges individuals to share knowledge and best practices with family, friends, and communities.

Furthermore, MFES extends tailored advice to owners of hybrid or electric vehicles, emphasizing vigilance regarding warning signs and appropriate responses to potential battery-related incidents.

With GTA residents increasingly reliant on lithium-ion battery-powered devices in their daily lives, MFES’s advocacy for proactive safety measures serves as a timely reminder to prioritize precaution and preparedness.

For further information and safety resources, residents are encouraged to consult MFES’s comprehensive guidelines and recommendations.


As the prevalence of lithium-ion battery-powered devices continues to rise, proactive initiatives like MFES’s safety campaign are essential for equipping communities with the knowledge and resources to mitigate associated risks. By prioritizing safety measures outlined by MFES, GTA residents can foster a safer environment for all.

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