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Mississauga Expands Speed Camera Program to Boost Road Safety

Mississauga, ON – The City of Mississauga is taking significant steps to enhance road safety with the renewal and expansion of its Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) program. On July 26th, the council approved the renewal of the contract for 22 existing speed cameras and the addition of 60 new semi-fixed cameras over the next five years.

Since the program’s inception on July 5, 2021, the ASE has led to a significant decrease in speeding and increased compliance with speed limits. The average operating speed has dropped by 9 km/h, and compliance with speed limits has increased by 30 percent. The current 22 speed cameras have been enforcing speed limits at 124 locations in school-area community safety zones as part of the Vision Zero Action Plan.

The new cameras will rotate among 100 locations throughout Mississauga, focusing on busy school zones and major roadways where fatal and injury collisions frequently occur. These semi-fixed cameras, mounted on poles with permanent concrete bases, will be implemented in phases:

  • 2024: 5 new cameras
  • 2025: 10 new cameras
  • 2026: 15 new cameras
  • 2027: 15 new cameras
  • 2028: 15 new cameras

Speed Camera Impact

Since July 2021, over 82,000 tickets have been issued, with Truscott Drive west of Lorne Park Road recording the highest number of infractions. The highest ticketed speed was 78 km/h, almost 50 km/h over the posted speed limit. Additionally, there have been 207 Part III offences processed for vehicles traveling at 50 km/h or more over the posted speed limit, with the highest speed recorded at 114 km/h on Mississauga Valley Boulevard west of Central Parkway East.

Transition to Administrative Penalty System

In 2025, the City will transition from the Provincial Offence Act (POA) to the Administrative Penalty System (APS) for speed camera offences. This change aims to reduce administrative burdens and enhance the sustainability and growth potential of the speed camera enforcement program. Planning is underway to ensure a smooth transition, with a new Administrative Penalty By-law in development and a City-run process center set to support and expand the program.

Corporate Policy for Community Safety Zones

The City is developing a Corporate Policy for Community Safety Zones to ensure the effective use of speed cameras. This policy will consider factors such as speed, collision history, and the presence of sidewalks, cycling facilities, schools, parks, playgrounds, and recreation areas.

The ASE program is one of 99 action items in the Vision Zero Action Plan, which aims to eliminate fatal and serious collisions in Mississauga. Alongside speed cameras, the City is implementing various traffic calming measures, including speed humps, lowered speed limits in neighborhoods and school zones, a crossing guard program, and fines for drivers stopping or parking in bike lanes.

For more information on the ASE program and a map of active and future locations, visit


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