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Mississauga Embarks on Major Construction Season with $116 Million Investment

Mississauga, ON  — Mississauga is gearing up for a bustling construction season with a substantial investment exceeding $116 million aimed at repairing, maintaining, and expanding the city’s vital infrastructure. This year’s construction agenda includes 19 new projects and the continuation of eight from 2023, focusing on enhancing roads, sidewalks, bridges, bike lanes, trails, stormwater drains, and streetlights.

Geoff Wright, Commissioner of Transportation & Works, highlighted the importance of these projects. “The construction work we do in Mississauga isn’t just about fixing roads, it’s about building and maintaining a great city. It’s vital to Mississauga’s growth and development. While construction season may cause temporary inconvenience on our roads, keeping our infrastructure in a state of good repair through regular maintenance helps ensure everyone’s safety, allows us to deliver the City services you rely on, and reduces the need for emergency replacements and repairs which can be more expensive.”

Key Projects and Improvements

Road Resurfacing: The Road Resurfacing Program will see 51 streets receiving new asphalt and necessary curb and sidewalk repairs. Residents will be notified via mail if their street is scheduled for resurfacing and are advised to delay lawn or driveway renovations until the work is completed. Items close to sidewalks or boulevards should be removed to avoid damage.

Hazel McCallion Line Progress: Significant progress is being made on Metrolinx’s Hazel McCallion Line. Track construction will advance south of Highway 403 and the QEW, with the southern terminus at Port Credit GO Station continuing to take shape. Updates on the line’s progress can be followed on X (formerly Twitter).

Construction Map and Public Information: Residents can stay informed about ongoing projects through the City’s online construction map, which provides detailed information and contact details for each project. This map also includes projects managed by Peel Region, the Ministry of Transportation, and Alectra.

Annual Maintenance: In addition to major projects, City crews will perform annual maintenance, including pothole filling, street sweeping, sidewalk repairs, and clearing litter and debris. Parks, greenspaces, and trails will also be prepped for the busy season.

A Head Start on Construction: Sam Rogers, Director of Infrastructure Planning and Engineering Services, noted that a milder winter allowed for an early start on projects like the Burnhamthorpe Road bridge. “Crews were able to continue working through the winter, finishing platforms, removing deteriorated concrete, and reconstructing a retaining wall beside the Culham Trail,” said Rogers. Major projects slated for completion this year include the Goreway Drive overpass bridge in Malton, the rehabilitation of The Collegeway, and the Rathburn Road and Ponytrail Drive Integrated Road Project.

Safety and Cooperation: Residents are reminded to exercise caution near construction sites, follow all posted signs and barricades, and respect the space needed by crews and equipment.

For more information on construction projects:

With these comprehensive efforts, Mississauga aims to ensure that its infrastructure remains robust and capable of supporting the city’s growth and development, while maintaining the safety and convenience of its residents.


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