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Mississauga City Council Approves New Zoning Rules to Address Housing Shortages

Mississauga, Ontario – In response to mounting concerns over housing shortages and affordability, the Mississauga City Council has approved new zoning rules aimed at facilitating the construction of additional residential units on properties across the city. The move comes as part of the city’s broader efforts to address housing challenges and provide more housing options for its residents.

Under the updated regulations, property owners in Mississauga will now have greater flexibility to build additional units on their properties. This includes detached, semi-detached, or townhouse properties. Specifically, property owners are now permitted to build up to two additional residential units (ARUs) alongside their primary homes. Alternatively, they can opt to construct a new fourplex on their lot or convert their existing home into four separate units.

According to city officials, these zoning changes are expected to significantly increase housing opportunities in Mississauga, particularly in low-rise communities. Research conducted by the city indicates that a detached ARU is permitted on more than 130,000 residential lots in Mississauga, with many other properties capable of accommodating additional units through conversion or construction.

To assist property owners in navigating the process, the City has launched a new “Building More Units” webpage. This online resource provides comprehensive information on the types of additional units available, permit application procedures, processing times, and links to detailed zoning regulations.

The approval of the updated zoning rules aligns with the objectives outlined in the city’s housing plan, “Growing Mississauga: An Action Plan for New Housing.” By increasing ‘Missing Middle’ housing in low-rise communities, the city aims to support the province’s goal of building 120,000 new homes while streamlining building approvals and enhancing affordability.

With the implementation of these zoning changes, Mississauga is poised to make significant strides in addressing housing challenges and providing more housing options for its residents.


The approval of the new zoning rules in Mississauga marks a significant step forward in addressing the pressing issue of housing shortages in the city. By allowing for the construction of additional residential units on properties, the city is opening doors for increased housing diversity and accessibility. These changes not only cater to the current needs of residents but also align with long-term planning goals aimed at creating more sustainable and inclusive communities. As other cities grapple with similar housing challenges, Mississauga’s proactive approach serves as a model for innovative solutions to address housing affordability and accessibility.


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