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Mississauga Celebrates 20 Years of Accessibility Progress

Mississauga – In honor of National AccessAbility Week (NAAW), the City of Mississauga proudly marks the 20th anniversary of its Accessibility Advisory Committee, showcasing significant strides in accessibility initiatives. With over a quarter of its population living with disabilities, Mississauga remains steadfast in its commitment to creating an inclusive community where everyone has equal access to services, programs, and facilities.

Acting Mayor and Ward 8 Councillor Matt Mahoney expressed the city’s dedication, stating, “Our goal is to make all spaces, programs, and services easily accessible for all, regardless of ability.” He extended gratitude to the Accessibility Advisory Committee for their invaluable contributions over the years, emphasizing the importance of their insights in shaping the city’s accessibility landscape.

Under the mandate of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), Mississauga unveiled its Multi-Year Accessibility Plan: 2023-2028, highlighting key achievements in its 2023 annual status update. These accomplishments include enhanced accessibility features in city facilities and public spaces, such as universal washrooms and improved entrances and walkways. Furthermore, the city has implemented inclusive employment policies to support career growth and development for employees with disabilities.

Raj Sheth, Commissioner of Corporate Services, commended Mississauga’s efforts, stating, “Mississauga has gone above and beyond AODA standards to create an accessible city for everyone.” He emphasized the city’s commitment to promoting inclusion and ensuring barrier-free spaces for all citizens.

The ongoing collaboration with the Accessibility Advisory Committee remains instrumental in advancing accessibility initiatives, with the committee providing valuable insights and recommendations to support the city’s accessibility goals. This year marks a significant milestone as the committee celebrates its 20th anniversary, reflecting two decades of dedicated service in advocating for accessibility.

As Mississauga continues to prioritize accessibility and inclusivity, residents are encouraged to engage with the city’s commitments and initiatives. For more information on Mississauga’s accessibility efforts and to access the 2023 annual status update, residents can visit the city’s official website.

Mississauga’s steadfast dedication to accessibility serves as a beacon of inspiration for municipalities across the Greater Toronto Area, reaffirming the importance of fostering inclusive communities for all.


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