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Meghan Trainor’s “I’m a Dog Mom” Celebrates Furry Friendships

Meghan Trainor, the renowned global superstar, has unveiled a heartfelt tribute to her beloved furry companions with her latest original song and music video, “I’m a Dog Mom.” This delightful creation not only celebrates Trainor’s deep bond with her dogs but also marks her exciting partnership with Freshpet, a leading provider of pet food.

Set to the backdrop of National Dog Mom’s Day, Trainor shares her excitement about making the occasion unforgettable for fellow dog moms and their canine companions. “It’s a day to honor the love and loyalty that our pets give us every day,” Trainor expressed. She plans to celebrate the day with a range of activities, including playdates, quality time with her canine “boys,” and a tranquil moment alone with her cherished pets.

For those looking to make the day extra special, Trainor and Freshpet offer some delightful suggestions:

  1. Dog Mom Playdate: Gather fellow dog moms and their furry friends for a fun-filled outing to a dog park, beach, or dog-friendly cafe. Let Meghan’s infectious anthem, “I’m a Dog Mom,” set the mood for a joyous celebration.
  2. Capture Memories: Document the day with photographs to cherish forever. Whether framing them for display, creating a photo book, or printing them on keepsakes like mugs or T-shirts, these memories will be treasured.
  3. Picnic Time: Embrace the outdoors with a picnic at a dog-friendly location. Pack a comfy blanket, toys for your pups, and perhaps even a barkuterie board filled with dog-friendly treats.
  4. Special Meal: If outdoor plans are hindered by weather or preference, opt for a cozy meal at home paired with Freshpet’s delectable recipes for your furry companions.

Trainor’s partnership with Freshpet underscores the importance of celebrating the special bond between humans and their pets. To delve deeper into Trainor’s collaboration with Freshpet and discover more ways to celebrate Dog Mom’s Day, visit

With Trainor’s infectious enthusiasm and Freshpet’s dedication to quality pet nutrition, Dog Mom’s Day promises to be a delightful celebration of the unconditional love between humans and their furry companions.


Meghan Trainor’s dedication to celebrating the bond between pet parents and their fur babies is heartwarming. Her partnership with Freshpet not only highlights the importance of quality pet nutrition but also underscores the joy that pets bring into our lives. “I’m a Dog Mom” is more than just a song—it’s a testament to the deep connection between humans and their beloved pets, and a reminder to cherish these precious relationships.

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