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Mayor Chow Heads Toronto’s Film Mission to LA, Spotlighting City’s Entertainment Industry

Toronto – In a bid to propel Toronto’s burgeoning film, television, and digital production industry onto the global stage, Mayor Olivia Chow has announced her leadership of a high-profile mission to Los Angeles. Scheduled from May 8 to 10, the initiative aims to attract more investments to Toronto’s multi-billion-dollar entertainment sector while showcasing the city’s exceptional talent pool, diverse locations, and state-of-the-art studio spaces.

Joined by Councillor Paula Fletcher and Councillor Shelley Carroll, Mayor Chow unveiled the mission at the Marine Terminal campus of Cinespace Studios, the set for Netflix’s production of “FRANKENSTEIN” helmed by acclaimed director Guillermo Del Toro. This strategic move underscores Toronto’s commitment to fostering growth within its thriving entertainment ecosystem.

The Mayor’s Mission to Los Angeles, a collaborative effort between public and private sectors, will see 40 industry delegates engaging with established and prospective clients, including major studios, streaming giants, and independent production houses. With Toronto’s recent accolade as the ‘Best Place to Live and Work as a Movie Maker’ by MovieMaker Magazine in 2024, the mission aims to capitalize on this recognition and further elevate the city’s global standing.

Toronto’s screen production industry hit a milestone in 2022, recording $2.6 billion in direct spending and employing over 35,000 individuals, making it one of North America’s largest screen-based industries. Supported by key sponsors such as ACTRA Toronto, BMO Media Finance, and Pinewood Toronto Studios, the mission is poised to drive collaboration and economic prosperity within the sector.

Mayor Chow expressed her enthusiasm for leading the mission, emphasizing the importance of securing additional investments to fuel the industry’s growth. Councillor Fletcher, Chair of the Film, Television, and Digital Media Advisory Board, highlighted the mission’s significance in advancing Toronto’s entertainment landscape, while Councillor Carroll underscored the potential for job creation and industry diversification.

With Toronto’s reputation as a global powerhouse in film and television production on the rise, the Mayor’s Mission to Los Angeles promises to be a pivotal moment in the city’s journey towards becoming an undisputed leader in the entertainment industry. As the delegation prepares to embark on this transformative mission, anticipation is high for the opportunities and partnerships it will bring back to Toronto’s dynamic screen production community.


Mayor Olivia Chow’s upcoming mission to Los Angeles is an exciting initiative aimed at bolstering Toronto’s already thriving film industry. The announcement, made alongside Councillor Paula Fletcher and Councillor Shelley Carroll, underscores the city’s commitment to attracting more investment in its multi-billion-dollar film, television, and digital production sector.

Scheduled from May 8 to 10, the mission will bring together 40 industry delegates to meet with established and potential clients, including major studios, streaming companies, and independent production entities. This collaborative effort, supported by both public and private sectors, aims to showcase Toronto’s exceptional crews, locations, and studio spaces, capitalizing on the city’s recent recognition as the ‘Best Place to Live and Work as a Movie Maker’ by MovieMaker Magazine in 2024.

With Toronto’s screen production industry achieving record-breaking direct spending of $2.6 billion in 2022 and employing over 35,000 individuals, the mission to Los Angeles seeks to further enhance the city’s reputation as a premier destination for film and television production.


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