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Dairy Delights: Ontario’s Love Affair with Dairy Continues to Flourish

In a recent survey conducted across Ontario, it has been revealed that dairy remains a staple and a hero in many households across the province. With nine out of ten Ontarians admitting to craving dishes and treats made with dairy, it’s evident that this culinary tradition holds a special place in the hearts – and stomachs – of residents.

According to the survey, more than 70 percent of Ontarians cited dairy as an essential ingredient in their favorite foods, with pizza, ice cream, and cheesecake emerging as the top contenders. Pizza took the lead, capturing a staggering 63 percent of the votes, showcasing its enduring popularity among Ontarians.

The survey also shed light on the role of dairy in fostering connections and joy within families. An overwhelming 86 percent of respondents agreed that good food brings joy and connects families, with 71 percent revealing that their family’s favorite dishes prominently feature dairy. Furthermore, eight out of ten Ontarians emphasized that the best special occasions and family gatherings are incomplete without their favorite dairy-infused dishes.

In response to this overwhelming love for dairy, the Dairy Farmers of Ontario are encouraging families to embrace their passion for milk and indulge in dairy-filled recipes this spring. From mouth-watering Four Cheese Pizza to delectable No Bake Strawberry Cheesecake Bites, these recipes aim to satisfy Ontarians’ dairy cravings while celebrating cherished family traditions.


The survey results underscore the enduring significance of dairy in Ontario’s culinary landscape. From comforting classics like pizza to decadent desserts like cheesecake, dairy plays a central role in bringing families together and creating lasting memories. As we celebrate our love for milk and dairy, let’s savor these beloved dishes and the connections they foster within our communities.

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