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Local Hero to Receive Free Garage Transformation from Garage Living

Toronto – In celebration of National Garage Improvement Day on May 16, Garage Living, a leading provider of garage renovation services, has announced its first-ever Garage Improvement Giveaway. The initiative aims to recognize and honor a deserving local hero by offering them a complimentary garage transformation.

Garage Living’s President of Franchise Systems, Aaron Cash, expressed the company’s excitement about the project, stating, “Let’s transform not only garages but lives too. Together, we make a difference.”

Over the years, Garage Living has witnessed a growing trend among homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) who are transforming their garages into organized and functional spaces, such as home gyms, offices, and additional living areas. Despite being the first space encountered upon returning home, garages are often overlooked in terms of organization and cleanliness. Garage Living seeks to change this perception by assisting homeowners in reimagining their garage spaces.

While some garage improvements can be tackled as DIY projects, more extensive renovations may require professional assistance. With their team of garage experts, Garage Living aims to give back to the community by offering their services to someone unable to undertake a significant project on their own.

“We believe in giving back to those who make a difference, and our team is thrilled to recognize local heroes by offering them the chance to win a spectacular garage transformation,” Cash said.

Individuals are encouraged to nominate deserving community members by sharing stories of their positive impact. Nominations are open from May 1, 2024, to June 21, 2024, with the winner set to be announced on June 28, 2024. To nominate a hero in your community or to learn more about Garage Improvement Day, visit www.garageliving.com/gid.


Garage Living’s Garage Improvement Giveaway not only reflects their dedication to enhancing living spaces but also emphasizes the importance of recognizing the contributions of local heroes. In the GTA, where community spirit runs deep, initiatives like this resonate strongly with residents. By offering a complimentary transformation to a deserving individual, Garage Living not only enhances the recipient’s living environment but also fosters a sense of appreciation and gratitude within the community. This initiative serves as a shining example of corporate social responsibility, demonstrating Garage Living’s commitment to making a positive impact beyond their core business operations.

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