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Local Food Week Celebrated Across Ontario

TORONTO – The province of Ontario is abuzz with excitement as Local Food Week kicks off from June 3-9, 2024, celebrating the bounty of Ontario’s agricultural industry and the people behind it.

Local Food Week serves as a platform to honor Ontario farmers and acknowledge the vital role they play in supplying fresh and nutritious food to communities across the province. With over 200 different commodities produced, Ontario farmers are the backbone of the province’s $48.8 billion agriculture and food industry.

Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Lisa Thompson, expressed her admiration for Ontario’s farmers, stating, “Ontario’s farmers work hard to produce more than 200 different commodities, and that’s truly something to celebrate.”

The week-long celebration highlights various initiatives and individuals contributing to the success of Ontario’s local food supply chain. Among the featured stories in this year’s Local Food Report are innovative solutions for year-round fresh produce, urban farming classes designed to educate and inspire students about careers in agriculture, and programs like the Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers’ Association’s Fresh from the Farm, which engages students in fundraising by selling local fruits and vegetables.

In addition, the Foodland Ontario Retailer Awards program recognizes grocery stores that prominently showcase fresh, locally grown, and in-season fruits and vegetables. Minister Thompson presented the first award to the Foodland store in Markdale on June 1, with 59 other winning stores set to receive their awards in the coming weeks.

As part of the festivities, Ontarians are encouraged to show their support for local farmers and businesses by purchasing foods with the Foodland Ontario logo or buying directly from farmers at farmers’ markets. The Foodland Ontario program has been instrumental in helping consumers identify and purchase locally grown and made food for over 45 years.

With the abundance of locally sourced products available, Local Food Week serves as a reminder to consumers to make conscious choices that support Ontario’s agricultural sector and contribute to the growth of local communities.

Throughout Local Food Week and beyond, let’s come together to celebrate and support Ontario farmers, ensuring that their hard work and dedication continue to nourish our communities for generations to come.

Samantha Deschamps

Samantha Deschamps serves as the Queens Park Reporter, offering insightful coverage of provincial politics with depth and accuracy. With a keen understanding of legislative intricacies, Deschamps provides invaluable perspectives on matters affecting Ontario. For inquiries or feedback, contact Samantha at

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