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Littlest Pet Shop Launches Global Dance Challenge to Celebrate Brand’s Return

Littlest Pet Shop, the beloved collectible toy brand, has ignited a worldwide dance craze with the launch of its “Bobble to the Beat” social media campaign. In a bid to celebrate its triumphant return to retail earlier this year, the iconic brand is calling on fans of all ages to showcase their dance moves inspired by the quirky motions of Littlest Pet Shop pets.

The campaign, announced by Katy Katz, Head of Digital Marketing & E-Commerce at Basic Fun!, the brand’s parent company, kicked off with a spectacular premiere event at Macy’s Herald Square in New York City. Led by TikTok creators @Alexdwong, @GiaNina, and @MelissaBecraft, along with the legendary Geoffrey the Giraffe™ from Toys”R”Us, a lively flash mob featuring over 20 dancers weaved through the flagship store, captivating onlookers with their infectious enthusiasm.

“Bobble to the Beat” invites fans to join the fun by creating their own dance videos and sharing them on social media platforms using the hashtag #BobbleToTheBeat. The campaign’s custom brand anthem and choreography, crafted by acclaimed New York City-based professional Michael McCrary, capture the essence of the Littlest Pet Shop’s signature bobblin’ motion.

With over 1 billion Littlest Pet Shop pets sold worldwide since its inception by Hasbro, Inc., more than 30 years ago, the brand has become a household name. Now, with its resurgence in retail, Littlest Pet Shop boasts a lineup of over 120 bobblin’ pets, available in more than 20 countries.

Adding to the excitement, Littlest Pet Shop has partnered with Roblox to introduce a custom bobble dance emote within the popular gaming platform, further immersing fans into the world of Littlest Pet Shop.

“It’s essential we relaunched LITTLEST PET SHOP with a creative call to action that would introduce this iconic brand to new audiences on the platforms where they are” remarked Katz. “The ‘Bobble to The Beat’ social campaign perfectly captures the essence of the signature quirky, edgy, and undeniably cute pets that have been loved for decades.”

As fans around the world gear up to unleash their inner bobble, Littlest Pet Shop’s official social media channels are buzzing with excitement. Whether it’s on TikTok, Instagram, or Roblox, the call to “Bobble to the Beat” has been enthusiastically received, promising to make this the “Year of the Bobble.”


Littlest Pet Shop’s “Bobble to the Beat” campaign has sparked widespread excitement among fans and industry observers alike. With its clever integration of social media platforms and immersive gaming experiences, the campaign not only celebrates the brand’s rich history but also positions it firmly in the digital age.

The collaboration with TikTok influencers and the iconic Geoffrey the Giraffe™ from Toys”R”Us demonstrates Littlest Pet Shop’s savvy approach to engaging with its audience. By leveraging the creativity and reach of these personalities, the brand has successfully captured the attention of millions, inviting them to join in the fun.

Furthermore, the partnership with Roblox adds an extra layer of excitement, allowing fans to interact with Littlest Pet Shop in a whole new way. This strategic move not only expands the brand’s reach but also ensures its relevance in today’s ever-evolving entertainment landscape.

As fans around the world embrace the “Bobble to the Beat” challenge, Littlest Pet Shop’s resurgence in retail seems more promising than ever. With its infectious energy and nostalgic charm, the campaign sets the stage for a year filled with bobblin’ fun and memorable moments for Littlest Pet Shop enthusiasts of all ages.

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