LG Innotek’s Revolutionary Camera Technology Wins Prestigious Edison Award

In a monumental achievement, LG Innotek has clinched the esteemed “Edison Awards” for the second consecutive year, underscoring its unparalleled innovation in the tech sphere. The South Korean tech giant’s latest triumph revolves around its groundbreaking ‘High Magnification Optical Continuous Zoom Camera Module,’ a game-changer in smartphone photography.

The ‘Edison Awards 2024’ recognized LG Innotek’s Optical Continuous Zoom Module for smartphones, featuring cutting-edge optical design technology. The module enables users to capture high-definition images with unprecedented clarity and flexibility, setting new benchmarks in mobile photography.

The Edison Awards, often likened to the ‘Oscars of Innovation,’ honor the legacy of inventor Thomas Edison and celebrate groundbreaking inventions since 1987. With a rigorous selection process spanning seven months and comprising over 3,000 judges from various industries, the awards showcase the best in innovation across 16 categories. LG Innotek’s continuous zoom module secured the prestigious Silver Award in the ‘Commercial Technology’ category, solidifying its status as a leader in the field.

Traditionally, optical zoom functionality was confined to professional cameras due to space constraints in smartphones. However, LG Innotek’s revolutionary ‘Optical Continuous Zoom Module’ shattered these limitations, ushering in a new era of mobile photography. By seamlessly integrating optical zoom capabilities into smartphones, LG Innotek has democratized high-quality image capture, previously reserved for DSLR cameras.

The ‘Optical Continuous Zoom Module’ boasts a compact design that optimizes space efficiency within smartphones while delivering unparalleled image quality. Its innovative ‘Zoom Actuator’ technology ensures precise lens adjustments, resulting in crystal-clear images even at high magnifications. Furthermore, the module’s ‘D Cut Design’ addresses the issue of protruding camera lenses, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

LG Innotek’s commitment to innovation extends beyond smartphone photography, with plans to apply its Optical Continuous Camera Modules to various industries, including automotive and robotics. This strategic expansion underscores the company’s dedication to delivering value through technological advancement.

Commenting on the achievement, CTO S. David Roh expressed pride in LG Innotek’s unrivaled technology and reaffirmed the company’s commitment to driving innovation across diverse sectors. As LG Innotek continues to push the boundaries of camera technology, consumers can anticipate even more groundbreaking advancements in the near future.


LG Innotek’s success in clinching the prestigious Edison Award for its Optical Continuous Zoom Module is a testament to South Korea’s prowess in technological innovation. By revolutionizing smartphone photography, LG Innotek has not only elevated the user experience but also cemented its position as a global leader in camera technology. As the company expands its applications beyond smartphones, the possibilities for future advancements are limitless. This achievement reinforces South Korea’s status as a hub for cutting-edge technology and underscores the importance of continued investment in research and development.

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