LG Electronics’ 3D Anamorphic Experience in Times Square Highlights Bald Eagle Conservation

NEW YORK — LG Electronics unveiled the second animal featured in its 3D anamorphic experience on its Times Square billboard, spotlighting the bald eagle. This initiative is part of the LG Endangered Species Series, a campaign running throughout 2024 in collaboration with Discovery Education and the National Wildlife Federation, aimed at educating K-12 students about conservation efforts.

The campaign launched in April, showcasing anamorphic content of various vulnerable and endangered species, as well as recovered species still in need of protection. The bald eagle, once on the brink of extinction, has become a success story due to the Endangered Species Act and other protective legislation. The 3D display portrays the bald eagle in stunning realism, appearing to extend out of the billboard into Times Square.

To further promote awareness, LG will have a table at Yankee Stadium from July 2-4 during the Yankees home games. The first 250 children aged 14 and under each day will receive a gift bag containing a bald eagle plush toy and binoculars for bird watching. Additionally, ten gift bags will include a baseball autographed by a current or alumni Yankees player. Visitors can also learn from National Wildlife Federation experts and take photos with an artistic rendering of a bald eagle’s six-foot wingspan.

LG’s symbolic adoption of over 1,500 bald eagles supports the National Wildlife Federation’s efforts to plant native trees, enhancing wildlife habitats, preventing soil erosion, and increasing canopy coverage. These trees, all native species, will be planted across the United States to help restore wild places.

Through its partnerships with Discovery Education and the National Wildlife Federation, LG is hosting a K-12 educational series to deepen students’ understanding of endangered species. Educators and students can access free, standards-aligned digital resources at starting April 18, 2024. For more information on contributing to NWF’s EcoSchools U.S. and EcoLeaders programs, visit LG has committed $150,000 to support these initiatives.

Collin O’Mara, President, and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation, praised LG’s efforts, stating, “When we save wildlife, we save ourselves. LG is showing the world what’s possible when people come together with the National Wildlife Federation to create pollinator gardens, support native species, and confront the immense and interconnected challenges that people and wildlife face.”

For more information on LG’s commitment to conservation and environmental stewardship, visit LG Sustainability.

SOURCE LG Electronics USA

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