LG Display Unveils Revolutionary Gaming OLED Panel with Switchable Refresh Rate and Resolution

In a groundbreaking move set to redefine the gaming display landscape, LG Display has unveiled the world’s first Gaming OLED panel with a switchable refresh rate and resolution. This announcement, made today, signifies a monumental leap forward in display technology, catering specifically to the discerning needs of the high-end gaming community.

The 31.5-inch panel, now in mass production, offers users unprecedented flexibility by allowing them to seamlessly switch between a high refresh rate mode, boasting an impressive FHD∙480Hz, and a high-resolution mode, delivering immersive UHD∙240Hz visuals. This innovative feature empowers gamers to tailor their display settings to suit various content types, whether engaging in fast-paced action games or indulging in cinematic experiences.

LG Display’s proprietary Dynamic Frequency & Resolution (DFR) technology lies at the heart of this revolutionary panel, enabling users to prioritize either refresh rate or resolution according to their preferences. This level of customization represents a paradigm shift in the gaming display arena, providing gamers with unparalleled control over their visual experience.

Furthermore, the Gaming OLED panel incorporates cutting-edge technologies such as META Technology 2.0, leveraging Micro Lens Array (MLA) innovation to enhance image quality, and Thin Actuator Sound technology, delivering immersive sound directly from the screen. These features work in tandem to elevate the gaming experience to new heights of realism and immersion.

LG Display’s strategic decision to supply these panels to global gaming gear brands, commencing with LG Electronics, underscores their commitment to capturing a significant share of the high-end gaming display market. With plans for a comprehensive lineup spanning various sizes, from 27 to 45 inches, LG Display aims to cater to the diverse preferences and setups of gamers worldwide.

The inherent advantages of OLED technology, including self-emissive pixels for perfect blacks and ultra-fast response times, position the Gaming OLED panel as a game-changer in the industry. Moreover, its reduced eye fatigue compared to traditional LCD screens, thanks to lower blue light emission and absence of flicker, makes it a compelling choice for prolonged gaming sessions.

“We will create new customer value with OLED’s differentiated technologies – such as by offering perfect blacks, fast response times, and ultra-high refresh rates – and strengthen our leadership in the high-end gaming display market,” said Won-seok Kang, Vice President and Head of the Large Display Product Planning Division at LG Display.


The unveiling of LG Display’s Gaming OLED panel represents a significant milestone in the evolution of gaming technology. With its groundbreaking features and advanced capabilities, this panel is poised to revolutionize the gaming experience for enthusiasts worldwide. The ability to switch between refresh rates and resolutions offers unprecedented flexibility, catering to the diverse needs of gamers. LG Display’s commitment to innovation and excellence reaffirms its position as a leader in the display industry, and gamers can expect nothing short of an immersive and visually stunning experience with this pioneering technology.

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