Lexus Unveils Futuristic Art Installation “Time” at Milan Design Week 2024

Luxury automotive brand Lexus has wowed visitors at Milan Design Week with its latest immersive art installation titled “Time.” The exhibit, located at Art Point and Art Garden in the Superstudio Più, showcases the future of next-generation mobility and its infinite possibilities.

Inspired by Lexus’s next-generation battery EV concept model LF-ZC, the installation features works by acclaimed designers Hideki Yoshimoto/Tangent and Marjan van Aubel, along with sound compositions by musician Keiichiro Shibuya. “Time” explores the synergy between software and hardware, envisioning a future where technology revolutionizes the automotive industry.

Chief Branding Officer, Simon Humphries, emphasized the significance of time in creating unique experiences, stating, “Time is not something that simply passes; it’s the starting point of all special experiences. Lexus cherishes a human-centered philosophy, and we believe that providing people with unique experiences begins with exploring the relationship between people and time itself.”

At Art Point, Hideki Yoshimoto/Tangent presents “Beyond the Horizon,” an interactive installation symbolizing the evolution of mobility through software. Collaborating with musician Keiichiro Shibuya, the exhibit offers visitors a multisensory journey into a world of light and sound.

Meanwhile, at Art Garden, Marjan van Aubel’s installation “8 Minutes and 20 Seconds” showcases Lexus’s commitment to sustainability. Harnessing solar power and motion sensors, the exhibit immerses visitors in an environment that reflects our potential synergy with the natural environment.

The exhibition, open from April 16 to April 21, invites visitors to experience the future of mobility and luxury firsthand. Through innovative design and technology, Lexus aims to redefine luxury while advancing the innovation of mobility.


The “Time” installation by Lexus at Milan Design Week presents a compelling vision of the future, where technology and sustainability converge to redefine luxury and mobility. Hideki Yoshimoto/Tangent and Marjan van Aubel’s works offer thought-provoking insights into the evolving relationship between humans and technology. With its commitment to creating unique experiences, Lexus continues to push the boundaries of automotive innovation. Visitors to Milan Design Week are in for a treat as they explore this immersive exhibition that transcends traditional notions of luxury.

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