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Jamie Foxx and WES Brands Collaborate to Launch BSB Whiskey, Redefining Flavored Spirits

Dallas – The spirits industry is abuzz with excitement as WES Brands, a leading spirits incubator known for innovation, announces its collaboration with award-winning actor, musician, and entrepreneur Jamie Foxx for the exclusive release of BSB Whiskey. This partnership brings together Foxx’s creative vision and WES Brands’ expertise in brand acceleration to introduce a new contender in the flavored whiskey market.

BSB Whiskey, short for Brown Sugar Blend, has been meticulously crafted over two years to offer an unparalleled sipping experience. With Foxx at the helm as brand owner and creative director, BSB Whiskey aims to embody qualities of boldness, strength, and superior taste, reflecting Foxx’s personal philosophy of celebrating life and enjoyment.

The flavor profile of BSB Whiskey is described as a harmonious blend of aromatic cinnamon spice and comforting brown sugar sweetness, promising a taste that stands out in the crowded whiskey landscape. Complementing the unique flavor is the whiskey’s innovative packaging—a sleek matte black bottle adorned with a glowing “BSB” chenille letter patch, designed to captivate consumers and illuminate any social gathering.

Commenting on the partnership, Lauren Kiyak, SVP of Marketing at WES Brands, highlighted the immense market opportunity for BSB Whiskey, citing the rising popularity of flavored whiskies in recent years. With Jamie Foxx’s creative direction, BSB Whiskey aims to carve a niche at the intersection of fashion, sports, and nostalgia, appealing to a diverse range of consumers.

In a strategic move to support the national rollout of BSB Whiskey, WES Brands has appointed Naeemah Leonard, a seasoned industry veteran with over 15 years of experience, as the Senior Brand Director of Whiskey. Leonard’s expertise in brown spirits and celebrity partnerships positions her as a valuable asset in driving the success of BSB Whiskey in the market.

BSB Whiskey, produced in Columbia, TN, is available in 750ml bottles at 70% ABV and retails for $24.99. Consumers can purchase BSB Whiskey nationwide online and in limited quantities at select retailers across the U.S.

As excitement builds around the launch of BSB Whiskey, industry experts anticipate its impact on the flavored whiskey market. With its unique flavor profile, innovative packaging, and celebrity endorsement, BSB Whiskey has the potential to disrupt the industry and redefine the standards for flavored spirits.


BSB Whiskey’s collaboration between Jamie Foxx and WES Brands represents a strategic move in the spirits industry. By leveraging Foxx’s star power and creative direction, coupled with WES Brands’ expertise in brand acceleration, BSB Whiskey has positioned itself as a formidable player in the flavored whiskey market. With consumer preferences shifting towards innovative and unique flavor profiles, BSB Whiskey’s bold approach and distinctive packaging are poised to capture the attention of whiskey enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike. As the brand continues to expand its presence nationwide, it will be interesting to see how BSB Whiskey reshapes consumer perceptions and sets new trends in the spirits industry.

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