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IDEA Square One Entrepreneurship Hub Marks Successful First Year in Mississauga

Mississauga, ON – Celebrations were in full swing on Thursday as IDEA Square One Entrepreneurship Hub, the anchor of innovation in Mississauga, commemorated its first anniversary with an open house event. Hosted by Mississauga Economic Development in collaboration with Oxford Realty Properties, the event brought together a diverse array of stakeholders, including community leaders, entrepreneurs, clients, and supporters.

Located within the bustling Square One Shopping Centre in downtown Mississauga, IDEA Square One has proven to be a vital resource for small businesses, startups, scale-ups, corporate leaders, and investors alike. Spanning 4,300 square feet, the hub serves as a collaborative space where innovative minds converge to nurture ideas and drive growth.

Throughout its inaugural year, IDEA Square One has solidified its reputation as a catalyst for entrepreneurial success. Offering a range of services including mentorship, advisory support, tailored programming, and access to co-working and meeting facilities, the hub has been instrumental in facilitating the growth of businesses across various sectors.

Acting Mayor and Ward 8 Councillor Matt Mahoney remarked, “This event marks an important milestone as we celebrate one year of operation for IDEA Square One – our anchor innovation location providing invaluable support to entrepreneurs and small businesses seeking to thrive in our city.” “Congratulations to the tireless staff at IDEA Square One on a successful inaugural year and to the clients who have trusted the IDEA team to help them advance their businesses – we wish you every success now and in the future.”

In its inaugural year, IDEA Square One has achieved notable milestones, including responding to over 2,200 client inquiries, conducting 367 business consultations, and supporting the creation of 253 jobs. Additionally, the hub played a pivotal role in the start or expansion of 57 businesses and welcomed 15 resident companies into its fold.

Recognition from FoundersBeta as the 20th top startup accelerator, incubator, and program in Canada further underscores IDEA Square One’s impact on the entrepreneurial landscape.

Christina Kakaflikas, Director of the Economic Development Office, emphasized the hub’s role in empowering entrepreneurs and enhancing Mississauga’s profile as a hub for business and innovation. She highlighted the importance of collaboration and community engagement in driving economic growth and fostering a culture of innovation.

Sherif Masood, Head of Asset Management, Canada, Oxford Properties, echoed these sentiments, noting that IDEA Square One exemplifies a successful collaboration between a shopping centre and a city. He expressed excitement about the hub’s continued growth and its potential to inspire new ventures within Mississauga.

IDEA Square One Member Testimonials further underscore the tangible benefits and value derived from the hub’s resources and support. Kushi Kaur, CEO and Founder of MangoVisa, lauded the hub’s community-focused approach and its ability to provide tailored solutions to meet individual business needs.

Mississauga entrepreneurs seeking support and resources can visit to explore regional offerings aimed at fostering business growth and development.


The first anniversary of IDEA Square One Entrepreneurship Hub marks a significant milestone in Mississauga’s journey towards becoming a thriving hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. The hub’s collaborative environment and tailored support services have undoubtedly contributed to its success in nurturing the growth of local businesses. As Mississauga continues to position itself as a dynamic economic center, initiatives like IDEA Square One play a crucial role in driving forward innovation, job creation, and economic prosperity within the community.


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