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Honda Unveils $15 Billion Investment in Canada’s First Electric Vehicle Supply Chain

Historic Move to Create Thousands of Jobs and Cement Canada’s Position in the EV Market

In a groundbreaking announcement on Thursday, Honda Canada revealed plans for a monumental $15 billion investment to establish Canada’s inaugural comprehensive electric vehicle (EV) supply chain. The project, set to be located primarily in Ontario, marks a significant milestone in Canada’s automotive industry and signals a transformative shift towards sustainable transportation.

The investment encompasses the construction of four new manufacturing plants, including an innovative electric vehicle assembly plant—the first of its kind for Honda Motor Co. Ltd. Additionally, Honda will establish a stand-alone battery manufacturing plant and partner with industry leaders to build a cathode active material and precursor (CAM/pCAM) processing plant, as well as a separator plant.

The initiative is poised to create over one thousand well-paying manufacturing jobs in Ontario, with thousands more expected across the country. These employment opportunities will not only invigorate local economies but also contribute to Canada’s overall economic growth.

Government support has been instrumental in facilitating this ambitious endeavor. The federal and provincial governments are offering various incentives, including the proposed 10% EV Supply Chain investment tax credit and existing Clean Technology Manufacturing investment tax credit. These measures aim to stimulate further investment in the EV sector and accelerate Canada’s transition towards sustainable mobility.

Honda’s commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in its aim for carbon neutrality and a target of 100% zero-emission EV sales in North America by 2040. By investing in electric mobility, Honda is aligning itself with global efforts to combat climate change and drive technological innovation.

The announcement has garnered widespread recognition, positioning Canada as a prominent player in the global EV market. Honda’s decision to invest in Canada underscores the country’s strengths, including its skilled workforce, abundant resources, and conducive business environment.


This historic investment by Honda Canada represents a significant step forward for Canada’s automotive industry and the broader economy. The establishment of a comprehensive electric vehicle supply chain not only creates job opportunities but also positions Canada as a leader in sustainable transportation.

With the global shift towards electric mobility, initiatives like this are essential for Canada to remain competitive and address environmental challenges. The government’s support through incentives demonstrates a commitment to fostering innovation and driving economic growth in key sectors.

As we look towards the future, investments like Honda’s will continue to shape Canada’s economic landscape and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future. It’s an exciting time for the automotive industry, and Canada is well-positioned to seize the opportunities ahead.

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