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Have Faith Productions to Develop “Forever Ten,” Highlighting the Tragic Impact of Bullying

TORONTO – Have Faith Productions has announced the development of its latest project, “Forever Ten,” a powerful film inspired by recent tragic events. The story revolves around ten-year-old Sammy Teusch, a fourth grader from Indiana’s Greenfield Intermediate School, who took his own life on May 5, 2024, after enduring relentless bullying. With the consent of the Teusch family, the production aims to shed light on the escalation of bullying in schools and the devastating effects it has on students and educators when proper consequences are not enforced.

Bullying affects one in five young people, with most statistics focusing on ages 12-17. Tragically, Sammy was only ten. “Forever Ten” will explore the emotional and psychological toll that bullying takes, emphasizing the urgent need for accountability and systemic change.

Lynne Stoltz, an author, screenwriter, and producer, and her daughter Sasha Stoltz, an executive producer, publicist, and media consultant, co-founded Have Faith Productions. The mother-daughter team is coming off the success of their recent film, “Sons 2 The Grave,” which is based on true events. They are also producing the television series “Hudson.” Sam Teusch, Sammy’s father, was moved by the dignity and emotion portrayed in “Sons 2 The Grave” and felt confident that the Stoltz team would honor his son’s memory.

Lynne Stoltz is known for her raw and brutally honest storytelling. “Forever Ten” will begin with the anguish of a family trying to protect their son and will convey the message that any form of bullying is unacceptable. The Teusch family hopes to raise awareness and drive home the importance of accountability to prevent more tragedies. Sam Teusch plans to present an anti-bullying bill to Congress in his son’s name, determined to ensure Sammy’s death was not in vain.

This story is not just about Sammy; it represents the countless students who experience bullying daily, feeling hopeless and unheard. “Forever Ten” aims to tell the heart-wrenching story of a ten-year-old who felt that suicide was his only option and the unbearable pain and guilt that his family will carry forever.

“I held my son in my arms, lifeless and forever gone. After watching the dignity and emotion displayed in ‘Sons 2 The Grave,’ I knew that Lynne would hold my son’s memory close to her heart. I trust her to shed light on the all-consuming fear that grips a child subjected to excessive bullying that goes on and on with no consequences. Without the support of our schools, we are helpless. I’m forever broken…. Sammy is forever ten,” said Sam Teusch.

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