Graydon Smith

Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry

Graydon Smith was born and raised in Port Sydney, Ontario, where he developed a strong sense of community and service from a young age. Growing up in a family-owned local business environment, Graydon learned the importance of hard work and community involvement.

His dedication to community service blossomed through his involvement with the Kinsmen Club of Bracebridge, where he, alongside his father and brother, contributed to various community initiatives. Inspired by a Bracebridge councillor, Graydon embarked on his political journey in 2006, beginning as a District of Muskoka councillor.

Municipal Leadership:

Graydon’s exemplary leadership qualities and dedication to municipal affairs led to his election as the mayor of Bracebridge in 2010. Over the course of 12 years, he served his constituents with integrity and passion, becoming a prominent figure in municipal governance.

During his tenure as mayor, Graydon actively participated in organizations such as the Association of Municipalities of Ontario and the Ontario Small Urban Municipalities, advocating for the interests of his community at both the local and provincial levels.

Transition to Provincial Politics:

In 2022, Graydon Smith made the transition to provincial politics, successfully winning the seat for Parry Sound—Muskoka in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. His victory was followed by his appointment as the Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry, where he continues to champion environmental stewardship and sustainable resource management.

Challenges and Resilience:

Graydon’s political journey has not been without challenges, notably facing legal scrutiny under Ontario’s Endangered Species Act in 2022. Despite these challenges, his unwavering dedication to public service and commitment to his constituents remain steadfast.

Personal Life:

Outside of politics, Graydon is a devoted family man, married with two children, and proudly resides in Bracebridge, Ontario. His commitment to community, coupled with his leadership skills and passion for public service, make him an invaluable asset to both his constituents and the provincial government.