Euro Cup 2024 Day 5 Recap

Turkey (3) vs Georgia (1)

The stands in Dortmund were painted red as Turkish supporters made their presence felt in their debut match against Georgia at the 2024 Euro Cup. The teams delivered a high-speed, end-to-end game that thrilled everyone. Turkey, featuring young stars Güler and Yıldız, struck first through Muldur. Georgia, playing their first-ever Euro Cup game, quickly equalized with Mikautadze scoring off a beautiful pass from Kochorashvili. The first half ended in a tie, and the second half started just as furiously, highlighted by an incredible strike from Turkey’s Güler, marking the best goal of the tournament so far. Georgia pressed hard, with Kochorashvili denied by the crossbar. Their aggressive push ultimately sealed their fate as a 97th-minute goal from Turkey caught their keeper high, securing a 3-1 victory. This fantastic match surprised many with its high level of play from both sides. Next game Turkey vs Portugal June 22

Portugal (2) vs Czechia (1)

Cristiano Ronaldo finally made his debut in the 2024 Euro Cup during the last match of the first round. Portugal dominated the first half, with Czechia playing defensively, waiting for counter-attack opportunities. Portugal’s attacks, primarily through the left side, showcased the speed and skill of Nuno Mendes and Rafael Leão, which Czechia struggled to contain. Despite Portugal’s relentless pressure, the first half ended scoreless, thanks in part to goalkeeper Stanek’s sensational performance, including a crucial save against Ronaldo.
In the second half, Czechia pushed forward, resulting in Provod’s goal in the 62nd minute. Portugal equalized when a powerful Mendes header forced a tough save from Stanek, only for the rebound to ricochet off defender Hranac’s and into the net. With the game tied at 1-1, Portugal made a crucial triple substitution, bringing on Neto, Semedo, and Conceição to inject fresh energy. This change proved decisive as Neto’s break down the left and a fortunate slip by Stanek allowed Conceição to tap in the winning goal. Portugal secured a vital 2-1 victory, with Ronaldo and his team showing their determination and depth.

As the Euro 2024 qualifiers progress, teams continue to vie for supremacy and secure their places in the prestigious tournament. Stay tuned to GTA Today for more updates, analysis, and highlights.

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