Euro 2024 Day 4 Recap: Surprises and Drama Unfold

Day 4 of the UEFA Euro 2024 tournament brought forth thrilling encounters and unexpected outcomes, as teams battled fiercely across three key matchups.

Romania 3-0 Ukraine (Munich)

Romania stunned Ukraine with a commanding 3-0 victory, thanks to Player of the Game Nicolae Stanciu. Ukraine, considered favorites, faltered under the pressure and excitement, failing to capitalize on their potential. Romania, on the other hand, executed their game plan flawlessly, making their supporters proud with a dominant performance. As they look ahead to facing Belgium on June 22, Romania will aim to build on this impressive start, while Ukraine must regroup quickly to keep their tournament hopes alive.

E: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia (Frankfurt)

Belgium, a top-five FIFA-ranked team for the past decade, continues to disappoint with a shocking 1-0 defeat to Slovakia in Frankfurt. The upset came early, with Ivan Schranz scoring in the 7th minute. Despite numerous chances, Belgium failed to convert, and a late goal was disallowed after VAR confirmed a handball. Player of the Game, Stanislav Lobotka, led Slovakia’s resilient defense. Slovakia’s victory, reminiscent of their 2020 win against Poland, sets a promising tone as they prepare to face Ukraine on June 21. Belgium, however, must reassess and recover quickly to avoid further embarrassment in the tournament.

D: Austria 0-1 France (Düsseldorf)

France’s star Kylian Mbappé struggled against Austria’s high press and physical play. The game shifted when Camavinga replaced Rabiot in the second half, bringing stability to France. Austria was unlucky in the first half when Maignan saved a great opportunity, and a missed corner call led to France’s opening goal soon after. Despite their relentless pressing and physicality, Austria couldn’t penetrate France’s defense. A late non-call on a handball against France raised questions about VAR. Ultimately, France, while not at their best, secured a crucial 1-0 win via an Austrian own goal from an Mbappé cross. Austria made life difficult for the favorites, showing promise for their upcoming matches against Poland and the Netherlands. France, though imperfect, moves forward with three vital points.

As the group stage unfolds, each match continues to provide thrilling moments and unexpected twists, keeping fans on the edge of their seats. With teams like Romania and Slovakia making early statements, Euro 2024 promises to be a tournament filled with excitement and unpredictability.

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