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Durham District School Board and Occasional Teachers Reach Agreement

In a collaborative effort aimed at enhancing the educational experience for students, the Durham District School Board (DDSB) and the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF) Occasional Teachers bargaining unit have reached a significant milestone by ratifying a new agreement.

Christine Thatcher, Chair of the DDSB Board of Trustees, expressed gratitude towards occasional teachers for their invaluable contributions to the educational landscape. Thatcher emphasized the indispensable role of these educators in bringing flexibility and expertise to classrooms, enriching the learning journey for students across the district. She reaffirmed the commitment of both parties to upholding the high standards of education within the DDSB community.

Julia McCrea, President of the OSSTF Occasional Teachers Bargaining Unit (OTBU), conveyed the satisfaction of the bargaining unit with the acceptance of the 2022-2026 tentative agreement by secondary occasional teacher members. McCrea acknowledged the complexities inherent in collective bargaining but underscored the successful navigation of these challenges, with both parties finding common ground on key issues. McCrea expressed optimism about the future collaboration between the OTBU and the DDSB, with a shared focus on prioritizing positive learning conditions for students and fostering quality working conditions for staff.

The ratified agreement signifies a significant step forward in the ongoing efforts to ensure the success and well-being of students within the DDSB community. It reflects a commitment to collaboration, mutual respect, and the collective pursuit of educational excellence. With this agreement in place, both the DDSB and the OSSTF Occasional Teachers Bargaining Unit are poised to continue their vital roles in shaping the educational landscape for years to come.


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