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City of Toronto Unveils Upgrades to Sidewalk Litter Bins for Enhanced Cleanliness

In a bid to keep the streets of Toronto cleaner and more efficient, Mayor Olivia Chow has announced significant upgrades to the city’s sidewalk litter bins. These modifications, aimed at improving durability and functionality, come as a response to valuable public feedback regarding waste management in the urban landscape.

The enhancements, which have undergone rigorous testing and monitoring, include a wider opening to prevent items from becoming lodged, a reinforced self-closing hinge, and strengthened frames and doors for increased longevity. Additionally, adjustments to the locking mechanism and the introduction of dual garbage options per bin aim to minimize overflows and the contamination of recyclable materials.

Following a successful pilot program on four downtown bins, the city plans to roll out these enhancements on a larger scale. Four additional bins are set to be installed this week, with over 1,000 expected to be in place across high-density areas by the year’s end. The majority of these installations will replace older model bins, ensuring a more consistent and efficient waste management system.

Looking ahead, the City of Toronto is also gearing up for a bin sensor pilot program in 2024, deploying sensors on approximately 250 street litter bins. These sensors will detect bin fullness, allowing for optimized collection schedules and resource allocation. Moreover, additional staff will be hired to inspect litter bins, gather data, and address maintenance issues to ensure optimal collection frequency citywide.


The upgrades to Toronto’s sidewalk litter bins mark a significant step forward in the city’s efforts to enhance waste management infrastructure. By addressing key issues such as durability, functionality, and overflow prevention, these enhancements not only contribute to a cleaner urban environment but also streamline the waste collection process for residents and city workers alike.

The introduction of dual garbage options and the upcoming bin sensor pilot program demonstrate a commitment to innovation and efficiency in tackling waste management challenges. By leveraging technology and public engagement, the City of Toronto aims to achieve greater sustainability and cleanliness throughout the GTA.

With these improvements in place, residents can expect a more seamless and effective waste management experience, ultimately contributing to the overall livability and attractiveness of our city.


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