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City of Toronto Lifeguards Return to Supervise Toronto Beaches, Ensuring Safety for Summer Fun

Toronto – As summer approaches, the City of Toronto gears up to welcome beach enthusiasts back to its sandy shores with the return of its lifeguard program. Starting this weekend, on Saturday, June 1, lifeguards will be stationed at select Toronto beaches, ensuring a safer environment for swimmers and beachgoers alike.

With their distinctive red and yellow uniforms, lifeguards will be readily identifiable as they patrol the beaches, stationed either along the shoreline, in white rowboats, or at designated lifeguard stands. Their presence signifies the commencement of the seasonal supervised beach program, aimed at promoting water safety and enhancing the beach experience for residents and visitors.

Councillor Alejandra Bravo (Davenport), Chair of the Economic & Community Development Committee, expressed excitement about the return of lifeguards to Toronto’s beautiful beaches. “Staffing lifeguards on Toronto’s beautiful beaches is another exciting sign that summer is nearly here,” she remarked. “I encourage everyone to keep safety front of mind while visiting beaches with family and friends and to swim only where there’s lifeguard supervision.”

Mayor Olivia Chow echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the importance of ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all beachgoers. “Summer is right around the corner, and there is no better way to spend a sunny Toronto day than at one of our City beaches!” Mayor Chow exclaimed. “Having lifeguards on City beaches means a safer and more relaxing time for people and families.”

In addition to the lifeguard presence, the City of Toronto has provided essential safety guidelines for beachgoers to follow, including swimming only when lifeguards are on duty, staying within supervised swimming areas, and refraining from swimming alone or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

To further enhance safety measures, lifeguards will utilize a flag system adopted by the International Lifesaving Federation to communicate swimming conditions. Green flags indicate good conditions, yellow flags advise caution, and red flags signify high hazard conditions, with swimming not recommended. In the absence of flags, lifeguards are not on duty, and swimming is not advised.

Residents are reminded to familiarize themselves with watercraft regulations, as all watercraft are restricted from designated swim areas along Toronto beaches. Furthermore, individuals are urged to stay sober when boating or participating in water-related activities, as impaired boat operation is illegal and can have severe consequences.

With the City monitoring beach water quality daily and several beaches receiving the prestigious Blue Flag distinction for meeting high environmental, safety, and cleanliness standards, Toronto’s beaches are poised to offer residents and visitors a safe and enjoyable escape from the summer heat.

For more information on beach locations, lifeguard schedules, and safety guidelines, residents are encouraged to visit the City’s Beaches webpage at

As Torontonians prepare to embrace the warmth of summer, the return of lifeguards to Toronto’s beaches signals the beginning of a season filled with sun, sand, and safety.


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